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  1. Tattoo anxiety and obsessing

    another option is to cover up both with a rose orsomething and throw a ribbon in the design (google rose with ribbon to see what i mean) and put the roman numerals in the ribbons in the new design....make sure its the same artsist cor both this time lol
  2. Tattoo anxiety and obsessing

    ya thats what i was saying the old one is blown out...so the new one cant match it...the only possible way it could be fixed is by thickening the lines to cover the blown out old lines and then thicken the new one to match accordingly. hope that makes sense
  3. Tattoo anxiety and obsessing

    it looks like "some guy" blew out the linework of the old tattoo so no it will never look exactly like the pro tattoo you got...dont cheat yourself by getting a cheaper tattoo...go to a pro everytime and this wont occur.
  4. if youre that concerend, i dont blame you but you must know that this tattoo was destined to fail. you have to go bigger ....cover this up and start over would be my advice. no one can effectively create a detailed world map tattoo this small with the tools required that will last any reasonable amount of time. plus if you go bigger italy will be more pronounced amongst other important details. ... just my two cents
  5. hey guys last night i was working on a black n grey rib piece on a girl ....really tough spot on her. anyway when i got home and looked at the pics i took, i noticed two tiny spots on the tattoo were slightly overdone... so my question, when you know you may have made one too many passes on a tattoo is there an aftercare suggestion you can make to prevent a bad heal or pigment loss? perhaps vitamin e enriched dflotion as opposed to a plain one? mind you these spots are about a centimeter total and werent noticeable when she was stretched out...but when she stood up upon close examination i saw them..' probably inevitably gonna need a touch up just trying to make the healing process as smooth as possible
  6. Question about skin damage and 7 mags/ curved 7 mags

    Haa...yeah I know what youre talking about...Ive had this convo many times....really trippy when youre outlining and youll see your ink travel off the "path" and into tiny hairline thin curly little offshoots. Ive had the debate about whether or not thats permanent. I have never seen those actually stay in the tattoo post healing. what Im talking about is when youre working the skin with shading or coloring..specifically with a shader machine (just to be clear as possible) . Youll do your pass and then wipe. Right when you wipe to see your work, typically you will see the plasma pooling up in an even distribution. Sometimes, albeit extrememly rarely I will see one single prick in the skin pooling up rapidly and often it will consist of blood not plasma...or a mix of blood and plasma. Its obviously not a good sign....I have a feeling its because a needle some how catches on the skin and causes a microscopic tear....this is my assumption and strangely enough it can happen well before the skin is overworked. Like i said Ive never had healing issues from this and when this happens I know not to push and work that spot again but it would be nice to know what causes it. Seems to happen most often when tattooing aggressively i.e. fast, hard whip shading across large areas While I have your attention, Ive noticed youve been on here since I first signed up years ago and I respect your work so maybe I can troubel you with another question you might be able to help me with...its rather simple. I found a box of killer needles from back in 07. I bought them during my apprenticeship and Id like to use them...theyre expired , obviously. Everything looks ok with the exception of a slight discoloration of the needle packaging. I was thinking I could just saturate a few paper towels with madicide get inside of the grouping and give it a good once over and then have the needle soak between the towels for about 15 mins prior to my appointment. Im thinking since theyre unused and have been stored properly this shouldnt be a problem. What do you think? Ive asked around and most people seem this is reasonable. Thanks again Dead bird
  7. couple of geometric tattoos...

    these look great man... solid
  8. Question about skin damage and 7 mags/ curved 7 mags

    Hmmm yes everything you said makes sense....but do you know what im talking about in regards to the skin suddenly pooling up with blood from seemingly one single little puncture ? YOu can give it a wipe and it will quickly pool up again... Ive never notoced it heal badly in this spot but i IMAGINE it may scab a bit harder...I ASSUME its not good and should be avoidded,...I would like to resolve this and know what im doing wrong but every tattooer ive asked wasnt able to gove me a a technical answer as to whats going on....everyone said, "yeah I know what youre talking about...be careful , dont hit that spot again".... as for guage of the needles Im not sure... I get short tapered ones from kingpin usually but every now and again Ill order from another supplier ...Ive never been concerned much about the width bc I just learned on my 7 curved mags and got quick and accurate with em....if it aint broke dont fix it, ive always said....Ive tried bug pins and I fucking abore them.... I do a very stripped down classic traditional style so I use alot of whip shading and super high saturation
  9. I dont think this is a bad design AT ALL...it almost seems as if it was intentionally made for tattooing...granted it is VERY simple, stripped down and basic... I dig that look and theres alot of guys doing minimalistic traditional tattoos. it has some old school traditional fundamentals and aesthetics.... This should have been done verbatim and it would havel looked great....this is a tattoo that a new tattooist should be able to nail no problem. Its very basic... luckil yours could EASILY be cleaned up...just go to a classically trained traditional tattooer...that can be fixed no prob
  10. Hey ya'll Ive been meaning to ask this question for years...no one seems to have an answer for this...sometimes when im shading....specifically whipshading (usually) Ill notice one tiny little spot will puncure and Ill see blood seep really quickly through that little spot...and it often looks "chewed" or unven in that one little spot...I NEVER like seeing this and it concerns me....no matter what I never do another pass in that area....I have never seen it heal badly in these spots though! Anyone know what this is or why it occurs...it seems to not matter how many passes...it could happen on your second or fourth pass whipping....seemingly anyway.... If it helps answer my qesution...I set my needles for shading and coloring to ride the tube flush on the skin. I ALWAYS use curved 7 mags short taper Second question....this happened to me tonight but I ran out of curved mags and borrowed a reg 7 mag from a co worker... I noticed that curved mags and mags are MUCH different even though it was the same needle grouping , 7 mag. The tattoo came out ok but it was certainly not as good as my normal work...Im kicking myself now for not ordering my needles sooner... its irresponsble of me to not be fully stocked with the materials that guarantee the best work that i can do. Anyway. I didnt assume it woiuld be that different...Ive used reg 7 mags but not in 9 years or so. So my question is this...do regular 7 mags tear up the skin easier than curved? It seemed like I had less passes and wasnt as forgiving as curved and that it worked the skin a bit harder . would you norlmally run your machine a bit softer for reg 7 mags than curved? This is counter intuitive for me because you would think that the coverage area of reg 7 mags would cause it to not penetrate as deep with the same voltage....think of the bed of nails effect... if you lay on a few nails youll go right through em....if you have a full bed you can withstand the pressure a bit....Thanks for any replies cheers!!
  11. hmmm yes ..... I remember going on tattoo archive before ....thanks for the heads up on that
  12. Thanks JJ... I geuess what I was looking for/asking is if anyone knows what the most comprehensive archive of tattoo history is... so I can trace back the roots of each design... but this website is awesome! thanks dude!
  13. So as I got more experienced over the years I realized mny of the images i thought were so bad ass and unique were originally done by old timers like Stoney , Sailor Jerry Collins, Bert Grimm to name a few.....I mean I knew of the classic images when i first got into tattooing....but sometimes even those were copies of another tattooers work! I love being inspired by the old timers to make my own images...not copy but just use old flash for inspiration. I also like doing redraws or paying homage to the original artists. Im wondering how to, without unloading thoasands on a huge library of tattoo books (because i cant afford it) are there any good archives online or even books that show history of where alot of these classic designs came from....I subsribe to many online sources through social media but I only learn when they post... An example of why this is so important to me is this; the other night I saw a perfectly executed classic pinup laying on a bushel of grapes... I decided to use it as a reference to draw my own variation of it...but its SO close to this one that i fee the need to pay homage to the original artist if I paint it or tattoo it for public display. I dont wanna pay homage to the countless tattooers copying copies of copies if you get my drift....any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Andy Forgiven Tattoo Machines

    ok thanks