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  1. Lobster Piggy

    Great work
  2. Lattest Tribal

    Have a bigger picture of the finished product? looks good, a few odd lines but overall from that last picture looks pretty good.
  3. Roll Call!

    cent deux
  4. I Like Long Walks On The Beach!

    Welcome to the board.. and Joe it's tuque... not toque
  5. This Is Pretty Awesome

  6. It's Been A While

    I was? LOL
  7. Got A Job Tattooing!

    Good for you emcee ... Keep up posted..
  8. It's Been A While

    Thanks for the welcome back. But once I'm finished my OSCP time will be something I'll have...
  9. Ethical ?

    This type of question has been asked and answered many times. My opinion, tell them to wait a while... the first person you should be using as practice is yourself. The first thing you should be inking is pig skin and/or fruit. The first thing you should be practicing on is paper. Make them understand, there is no eraser it's a one shot deal and permanent. Explain that you need to learn to draw all over again using this new medium. And if they're still harassing you... tell'em no again. Just to give you an idea it took me 6 months before going on someone other them myself, and it was a simple tribal design. Hope this answers your question...
  10. It's Been A While

    Figured I'd introduce myself, since odds are... many members here haven't seen me online much. Yes, I'm the mod that's never here... I've actually been around the board for quite sometime, but have been pretty busy due to work and studies. Sacrifices needed to be made. Unfortunately I haven't drawn or inked anything in about 4 months now... and I feel I've gone back to square one. Oh well, drawing will come back faster then the ink but this aint a race so. So, like a newbie to the forum I say "hello" to all the new alias' here and "hey there" to the old timers.
  11. Starter Tattoo Kit

  12. has the large hadron collider destroyed the world yet?
  13. Lazy Bandits Offer To Be Tattooed

    Questions: Did you take this pictures yourself yorkshire paul? If so, did the tattooist know you were going to post them on an open forum? And let's stay nice people... yorkshire paul, just answer in here odds are I won't notice a PM
  14. Pork.. On A Good Friday ;-)

    Nice ones... but ain't good friday tomorrow?