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  1. Stretch Marks

    Thanks for that please call again and dig up an old thread
  2. Hi

    Its not nice this one lol
  3. Tattoo Inquiry! HELP PLS

    Problem is there is no theme its just random animal pieces albeit very well executed pieces i would get rid of the stock market piece as well as its crap a sleeve needs to be spoke about at the very beginning of the consultation as i said you do have 3 very well done pieces so all is not lost go speak to that artist as he will have a handle on how to improve just admit you made a mistake he might help you out
  4. I have the same on one of my arms the artist went too hard plain and simple i know this as it was my daughter who did mine and when i told and showed her she backed off and the rest was fine as its part of a sleeve its repairable as its an area thats going to have fill in it anyway it taught her a valuable lesson that all skin needs to be treated differently in different areas of the body.
  5. I need help choosing an artist

    Cost should not be a factor imo however your link is pointless as they have asked for artists in toronto not Mumbai so all you are doing is trying to use the forum as a free advertising tool
  6. Sounds to me an artist issue rather than a skin issue
  7. First tatoo

    Yes its possible but the wolf wont be white it will be a grey shade will it be any good ? Whos the artist ? thousands/millions of people have tattoos in that place wth no problem
  8. print it out on normal paper place a sheet of hectograph(spirit) paper https://www.killerinktattoo.co.uk/original-reprofx-classic-purple-thermal-copier-hectograph-paper-8-5-x-11?utm_source=google_shopping&187=553&aid=2812&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiIGB--3m1wIVSbXtCh2Srg9aEAQYASABEgLYvvD_BwE (first link on google as a referance for you) underneath it so the purple is against the clean side of the paper and just trace over your design so the purple is on the reverse of your design then throw away the purple paper cut it out and place it on your very slightly damp skin if its a big design cut about 1/4-1/2" away from the edge of the design and cut littls slots in it to help it bend around whatever part of the body it is going on or print it out on tracing paper and buy a hectograph pen and repeat the above you will be walking around with it for about a week lol
  9. Which is the Best Shower Brand

    I prefer mira or aqualisa myself but thank you
  10. First tattoo- is this normal?

    it may not help YOU repair your tattoo that you helped fuck up But at least it may help others avoid the shit you have gotten yourself into so be grateful you may help millions of others avoid the same mistakes for that you can be a hero to the masses. heres a kind of helpful bit what did your tattooist say? ps sarcasm is totally different to honesty Youth of today pffftttt .... ask this question on tattoodles.com
  11. First tattoo- is this normal?

    Normal for a badly applied tattoo that has had too much aftercare on it? something like that should in normal circumstances be virtually if not fully healed by now
  12. Tattoo Design Help

    Speak to marc or natalie at onaths in the netherlands tell them the cryptic fucker from the uk sent you or travel to belguim and speak to karl at 358 tattoo and tell him his brother sent you
  13. Ink is one area you dont scrimp and save on you can save a little on everything else to do with tattooing but not ink that is the only lasting reminder of any tattoo Not saying you are trying too mind you!!
  14. Or go to the above but it wont be there for long lol.
  15. Check the magic moon website they are based in germany you will get top brands from there no problem
  16. *edited as i dont wanna get sued for libel * where in the world are you as the list could be area dependant
  17. Back tattoo ideas to complete

    Did they not show you the finished drawing?
  18. Prison Tats

    Perhaps its a kudos thing been involved in shit myself just never felt the need to brag about it on a forum lol
  19. Prison Tats

    Not all prison ink is terrible ive seen some really good stuff
  20. You are not ready for your next tattoo if you were you would know what you want
  21. japanese sleeve ideas?

    Shame he never came back
  22. tattoos that compliment mountains

    What do you like? if your first tattoo is on your leg and the next will be on your arm why does it need to compliment it
  23. Wait and see what happens 4 days is way too early you may just be a bad healer why are you using this product is it what your artist told you too use? personally i wouldn't use it after reading the ingrediants
  24. Define super old my dad is 75 and still gets tattoos lol never used numbing cream so wouldnt know if they work or not