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  1. If that's what floats your boat then get it. your skin your tattoo
  2. take take take who is actually appearing in this book
  3. Not sure how a skull will help it but skin ripping tattoos hardly ever work. might be ok whilst there is white in it and fresh but a year or 2 down the line its pish
  4. Love the reply
  5. Unreadable really does the first one say no fucks given? the first rule should be make it readable
  6. Welcome what is the tattoo culture like in chile
  7. Exactly lol
  8. This might sound crazy but how can you ask anybody who doesnt know anything about you to help with a tattoo idea all i can say is everyone ends up with the tattoo they deserve no effort = no tattoo shit effort = shit tattoo
  9. So your just going to google it and send people that im sure you are charging for this service or are you doing it as a service to the tattoo community
  10. What colour ink is the shitty bit in it might not be anything you have done.
  11. Get some scarification that will add texture lol
  12. If he/she is a professional then they should know surely
  13. That depends lol
  14. Dont stick the needle in yourself dontpick your nose in public lol welcome
  15. Send me the details of the lamp and i'll pop into maplins and get a couple for you if you cant find them should have details on the cap that goes into the light
  16. Top one is freaky lol
  17. Watch where you putthe finger waves as you have put them right in the koi mouth anglers would know there are meant to be barbules there so it looks wierd
  18. Try magic moon lm sure i can find something
  19. Sorry cant help without it try uploading it somewhere like photobucket and just post the link
  20. Impossible to answer without seeing said old tattoo
  21. Listen to music
  22. What she said ^^^ lol
  23. Hola