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  1. mark101

    Tattoo Ideas

    Lol might see plenty of tattoos containing all of those if you add tattoo after it
  2. mark101

    New guy from N.C.

    Be nice to have someone to talk fishing too
  3. What does the manufacturer say
  4. mark101

    Hey Everyone!

  5. mark101

    Hey Everyone!

    Top o the morning to ya
  6. Wouldnt be so bad if he droped a hi first even in the same post most people wouldnt put out without a meal first if you know what im saying i mean theres tinder for that shit
  7. mark101

    Hello from PA!

  8. mark101

    Touchy question

    Nope its done
  9. mark101

    Best Beginner Tattoo Gun/Kit?

    1 Do not buy a kit 2 buy the best you can afford
  10. mark101

    Hello from PA!

    Start at the begining spauldings book first then work up from there it is still relevant today plus its history
  11. mark101

    Touchy question

    Edited * Not worth the drama
  12. mark101

    Bad tattoo please help

    Lion eyes ? but they are not blue like tigers eyes!!
  13. mark101

    Position for ship - Facing in or out?

    They are like ships passing in the night never even come back to say thanks or that didnt work
  14. mark101

    Touchy question

    What makes you think your ink is any better than the artists
  15. mark101

    Position for ship - Facing in or out?

    I admire you trying sunny but that ship sailed ages ago lol
  16. mark101

    Chair rental. commission or both?

    Answered in quote
  17. mark101

    Girl/Boy UPC barcode on forehead

    Gotta love an idiot
  18. mark101

    Gifts for my wife

    Google your local supplier and give them a call personal service will pay dividends in the end
  19. mark101

    Ink of choice?

    99% of suppliers will sell to anyone with a bank card doesnt matter what they say try it and see
  20. mark101

    What could I add on to blend these better?

    Nothing will work properly they are just lick and sticks
  21. mark101

    Help With A Tattoo Design Idea

    get it for how you feel i dont have a struggle with demons.. however you have given nearly enough info to go into a studio and get them to draw something with what you have mentioned