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  1. Sent it i think but apparently you cannot recieve pms lol
  2. I'll send you a pm i can trust you
  3. Perfect solution to an age old problem but i got to do it first lol
  4. cant post it in this section but i have an idea lol
  5. Dont need it only tracing and colouring in lol
  6. A wise man once said only a fool has himself as a client but your legs are the easiest to do it on
  7. dot matrix printer may be cheaper still
  8. go and find another tattoo artist tell them what you want and get it drawn up if you dont like it tell them what you want changed until it is right how you want it . no one will draw anything worth shit for nothing
  9. Go for it
  10. Fuck off if you are going to spam at least make it tattoo related
  11. You are 100% correct there is loads better
  12. Wooooorrrrrrddddd
  13. As i said there is no right or wrong its whatever works For YOU
  14. aaron cain you must be lol
  15. Kinda did ok you learn well lol the only norm is there is no norm
  16. Keep going
  17. And for this you charge how much? oh and welcome to the forum........
  18. Owls feathers and writing and clocks
  19. Thats a perfect start just suck in what he says and follow it then go back and show him the changes he suggests then get tattooed by him some more is another good idea lol
  20. I found it by typing tattoo shops in quebec into google as im from the uk
  21. Jean mi tattoos looks pretty good
  22. 6 if your lucky 7 if you not lol cant think of any artist leeds way manchester yeah loads but leeds!!