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  1. Sublime Sun Lining

    Makes 2 of us lol
  2. Sublime Sun Lining

    Start again
  3. is my tattoo healing properly?

    Post a pic anyone can guess whats going on and could be 100% wrong
  4. Meet Shroomy :)

    Tattooing needs no science its tracing
  5. Rose Flashwork

    Use the light force
  6. Correcting color

    Wet ink will always look different when its dry in the skin. try it yourself with paint on a piece of paper and let it dry andsee the difference
  7. neck scars vs tattoos

    Only in the uk
  8. Knotwork tattoo idea

    How much are you paying ? why not just take it to the tattoo shop and let the artist do it
  9. Bruce Lee tribute piece

    ET phone home
  10. Hero tattoo help

    ^^ what he said however tell your girlfriend to butt out lol
  11. Hello From India

    3 years ago would be 2014 not 2008 lol
  12. Is it frowned upon

    Not if you say i want something kind of like this but if you say put this on me then yes unless it is flash of the wall
  13. Love this tattoo art work

    Yup thats shit
  14. Help!

    Get a few photos before and healed it will help diagnose your problem better
  15. Give that idea to a professional artist and let them run with it you have enough info to go on already where are you based in the world we may be able to give you some names to go to
  16. Healing advice

    I like the dry heal personally but i used some ointment on my last piece to try it out
  17. japanese sleeve ideas?

    That tigers mint who did them
  18. New to Forum

    Welcome back then theres only about 4 or 5 of us left now
  19. Veteran Behind Ear Tattoo

    Exactly fuck what anyone else thinks
  20. Veteran Behind Ear Tattoo

    Go for it and sod the expense get one behind each ear lol
  21. However 2 old timers have died or retired so you could well be 11 or 12 now give it a week....
  22. Theres a new guy on facebook just started and hes 13th so you must be 14th now