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  1. 2 hours ago, galcianuk said:

    Hey guys-

    Doing some research into the tattoo industry and one topic which is quite hard to find information on is how artists are generally reimbursed.  So I have a few questions; any information you can provide will be very useful :).

    1. Do you know any situations where tattoo artists are employed by the studio, rather than being contractors?
    2. If they are employed, do they have a minimum wage + commision on top? Like a salon. Yes employed on the books .not saying
    3. If renting a chair, do artists also give a percentage of their income? Another is giving 50% a previous payed a chair rent
    4. Do different artists in the same studio have different deals? See above
    5. What kind of contract do artists normally sign? If at all? No

    Thanks a lot in advance for any answers you can provide

    Answered in quote

  2. 10 hours ago, Justin l said:


    I'm looking for help on designing my own tattoo for my chest. I've never gotten one before, and when I do I want it to have a special meaning behind it. I was thinking of a struggle between good and evil, with the evil half being depression, anxiety, or another mental type of struggle on the left. Close to the heart to show how on the inside, everybody is struggling with their own demons. As for good, I want it to show the way people appear on the outside. I'm not sure exactly what 'Good' would be, and i'm looking for ideas on how to represent both sides. Any ideas or thoughts would be very helpful and appreciated!


    get it for how you feel

    i dont have a struggle with demons..


    however you have given nearly enough info to go into a studio and get them to draw something with what you have mentioned

  3. Depends if you want it to last or not 



    grey wash in different gradiants are available




    all these have different shades 

    your tattoo get it how you want 


    but yes white will not last 

    neither did the yellow i had in my leg 

    or then red in my shoulder


  4. Never goes 


    my father has had tattoos in all decades from the 50s up to a couple of years ago 

    He says his still burn in the sun even stuff by different artists using powdered ink or dispersed 




    i have heard of a couple of ways a tattoo artist can stop the itch a client feels like you are describing 

    but i will not give that information out as it may not work and may cause other problems in its self