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  1. Imagine if you will 

    hes a popular artist how many customers do you think he may have emailing him every day  

    to you its important but to him its just getting in the way of him working.

    would you like him to be answering messages during your paid for time ?

    wait until the day before as well instructed if you like what he has drawn them get it but dont let him pressure you if its not what you want

    when are you due to get the tattoo? 


  2. 6 hours ago, David said:


    Reason for practicing on your thigh is that you need two hands to tattoo properly. While you're out looking for an apprenticeship do not tell them that you did that chewed up shit on your wrist/hand. 

    Blood line it then when its fuckd up no one will see it and at least it can be covered a couple of times 

  3. 20 hours ago, WillowFrog said:

    I am an apprentice at a shop right now and I’m having similar difficulty friend, you are not alone lol. I have an inkjecta and there are many combinations for the inkjecta setup. So far it seems like the best setup for linework is a short stroke 2.5-3mm and the rigid bar. As the others have said the most important thing seems to be experience. Needle depth is critical as well, and obviously it takes a lot of hands on experience to learn the different areas of the body and also each persons skin is slightly different. So try testing out the client’s skin in the areas with more room for error (spots where you will blow out less)


    edit ; also your personal combination of hand speed and voltage 

    You should not be testing on a clients skin until  you are proficient and that is when your mentor tells you!! 


    lesson for today!

    for what reason does iit actually have anything to do with machine speed and hand speed ???


  4. essentially

     the needle  sticks out of the end and you gauge the depth the needles are going in. best way to do it when you know how to tattoo

    or you use the tip to guide the needle around so the needle is flush with the end of the tip and the tip is put against the skin and dragged around best way of you dont as you can set how deep the needles are going in and don't have to worry about blow outs 


  5. 4 hours ago, mac_1au said:

    you have students but you don’t know how to clean a tube? 🤔

    Well for the price of disposables it’s letting students get used to bad practice.... THIS is part of the problem about why people  learning on their own get branded as “dirty scratchers” and “kitchen magicians” ..... teach your students properly or don’t teach them at all! 

    you are very much a part of this problem!

    Well Said mac


    if you dont have a clue pack it in 

    i hope you are not being paid by these puplis as you are just a parasite praying on people who want to learn

  6. 6 hours ago, Philthy said:

    Hey guys my name is Philthy Phil and I am based in Melbourne, Australia. I have always been a lazy good for nothing reprobate. Recently I have started collecting information on Rotary Tattoo machines. I have always found it easier to simply ask people about things that I wanted to know about, rather then spending hours involved in tedious study or mind numbing research. Since I wanted information on Rotary Tattoo machines I went to my search engine and typed "Rotary" , "Tattoo machine" and "forum" and that is how I ended up here on this site. I hope that my search has brought me to Rotary machine aficionados, devotees of the wheel or basically anyone who could help me get what I need and save me from a  life of slavery spent in academic servitude. So here goes nothing, what I have been looking for is technical drawings and schematics of as many different types of Rotary machines as possible. It would be cool if you could send me an image although a link to a place were I could find such an image would be just as good. If it is at all possible I would greatly appreciate it if any body has pictures that show cross sections especially those that are clearly labeled. I am not planing on publishing any of the pictures although since I do not possess precognition, if you could include the name of the artist and the source of where the picture originated you would make me very happy. I suppose its only polite to post your reply on this web site but if you could also send me a copy I would be stoked my address is dypsomanic@gmail.com Thank you very much for your help I greatly appreciate everything

                             Your sincerely

                               Philthy Phil

    There is a place specific place for that type of machine but like you i cant be bothered to Click my favourites and copy the link into here for you sorry