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  1. mark101

    Proper Introduction

    There is a few left but they are all waiting for sensible people to type to welcome in
  2. mark101

    need a bit of help with new tattoo

    There is its being called a god lol
  3. mark101

    need a bit of help with new tattoo

    Im in the uk if you fancy a date seeing how you have the hots for me...
  4. mark101

    need a bit of help with new tattoo

    If its infected your arm will just fall off
  5. mark101

    Position for ship - Facing in or out?

    Depends if its coming or going
  6. Get on the phone call a tattoo artist and go and actually see him /her pay them a deposit and get them to draw something up you have enough info for them to work with
  7. Who's paying for it?? and what will they get out of it
  8. mark101

    Help us confirm this text on tattoo

    I dont think there are any chinese tattoists on here And a chinese person will be the only person who could probably help
  9. mark101

    Immortal ink black fading early?

    Just buy talens rather than the shit like immortal then it will be one less thing to worry about dont worry about the "you cant use that for tattooing" brigade as its been used for more years than ive been alive and im nearly 50 but i would say without seeing or watching it wil probably be all 4 if im totally honest
  10. Wont get much to cover that withput some lasering first
  11. mark101

    Recommende Artist

    paul naylor was/is around that area i think depends on what you want really
  12. mark101

    Need to fix

    Unfortunatly not everything works as a tattoo sorry but that needs a cover up and its going to be big and cost you a few sheckles or you will have to learn to live with it if its not finished then get it finished and see if you change your mind
  13. mark101

    My animated tattoo film - Skin Deep

    I watched it all but got bored after 1.45 but thought id keep watching
  14. if no one had replied that would that have been wrong as well and people would then moan about that if you pick an artist to do the work shouldnt that be a question to take up with them whats going to happen is this customer goes into shop and says a bloke on a forum says that should only take an hour so it should only cost 50£ tattoo artist says go to the bloke on the forum then and get it done for 50£ customer says well i cant coz hes on the forum innit i only wanna pay 50£ tattoo artist says well its gonna cost you 100 for me to do it customer says i aint paying 100£ i' ll get my mate to do it he says he charge me 40£ tattoo artist says gon on fuck off and get it done by yuor mate customer walks out door 6 months later customer walks in and says how much to cover this.... tattoo artist now says i remember you 200£ to cover that you fuckin idiot sound familiar tattoo artists?
  15. Dont do it every month if you dont want to picture doesnt open
  16. mark101

    Gday ALL

    There is a few old ghosts still trying to make a go of it
  17. mark101

    can chlorine affect a healed tattoo?

    No see above post
  18. I wouldnt do it but why do you want to know is it your tattoo or are you getting a price to have a copy of it or are you tattooing it?
  19. mark101

    Digital tattoo design

    You tube is king lol
  20. mark101

    How much do Apprenticeships usually cost?

    To put it into perspective tattooing is the only apprentiship i have ever known of where you pay to train when i was 16 in19...cough**** i was an apprentice electrician on the yts scheme and i got paid 27£ a week and had a rise every year of my training
  21. mark101

    Calligraphy tattoo in London

    Better get itbooked in quick lol its only writing nothing special just get it done anywhere
  22. mark101

    How much do Apprenticeships usually cost?

    I meant the apprentice im surprised the artist in question is willing to take another apprentice if the last one left already what shop is it im in the south east of england
  23. mark101

    Chinese tattoo machines (are they any good)

    Buy cheap buy twice you will struggle to learn anything with the wrong equipment
  24. mark101

    How much do Apprenticeships usually cost?

    Depends on how good someone is i know people who didnt pay a bean and got paid i know people who paid circa 5k
  25. More money in % for the owner nor sure if there are any busy uk towns left anymore and without tattoo shops even rarer lol