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  1. mark101

    my power supply is getting hot

    Is it a real eikon or is it a fake one
  2. mark101

    Apprentice anxiety

    It is normal get a friend of a friend to come in and get inked family is great as are friends
  3. mark101

    Tattoo healed badly, not sure why

    Did you tell the artist all your health complications when you went in? If you did they should have carried out a patch test like a hairdresser does with haor dye if not then why not
  4. Your choice but a horrible tattoo now will still look horrible in 20 years time
  5. mark101

    Calligraphy tattoo in London

    Just go to lal hardy job done
  6. mark101

    Communication with Artist and Client.

    Imagine if you will hes a popular artist how many customers do you think he may have emailing him every day to you its important but to him its just getting in the way of him working. would you like him to be answering messages during your paid for time ? wait until the day before as well instructed if you like what he has drawn them get it but dont let him pressure you if its not what you want when are you due to get the tattoo?
  7. mark101

    New tattoo template

    Go speak to an artist tell them what you like and let them go with it expect it to cost a lot
  8. mark101

    Just saying hello

    How old is the artist? post some stuff up or get them to sign up
  9. mark101

    New tattoo template

    Youhave everything you nee goto the studio and get it inked
  10. mark101

    What is this tattoo??

    Kanji thought that had dissapeared from everyones lives
  11. mark101

    Is my tattoo too dark?

    Nothing wrong with that sleeve who did it
  12. Dayum i just posted something useful in the open forum lol must go back to being an ass
  13. Blood line it then when its fuckd up no one will see it and at least it can be covered a couple of times
  14. Where in america are you looking for
  15. mark101

    Tattoo solidifier in shops

    I think you will need to goto the authority and ask them for clarification rather than just guess what it means thats what i would do just to make sure
  16. mark101

    How to: perfect lines in one go?

    Thats kind of what i said.. if your mentor says you are ready then they think you are ready lol
  17. mark101

    How to: perfect lines in one go?

    You should not be testing on a clients skin until you are proficient and that is when your mentor tells you!! lesson for today! for what reason does iit actually have anything to do with machine speed and hand speed ???
  18. Someone's got the painters in......... as i previously said no ink is approved by the FDA and the reason is its made up off too many base pigments with no regulations some have plastic in them!! black is just charcoal and vodka in some cases some are even made of car paints. there ya go...
  19. no ink is approved for tattooing according to the FDA
  20. Best thing you can do is keep them out of the sun but brand and type doesnt matter
  21. mark101

    How to: perfect lines in one go?

    essentially the needle sticks out of the end and you gauge the depth the needles are going in. best way to do it when you know how to tattoo or you use the tip to guide the needle around so the needle is flush with the end of the tip and the tip is put against the skin and dragged around best way of you dont as you can set how deep the needles are going in and don't have to worry about blow outs
  22. Its a small gap why try to make it into one tattoo should leave some space between them anyway but as its your arm if you want chains then get chains