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  1. Alot of the big names started out at home and they all say its a lot harder to do it that way and would suggest the correct route ask aaron cain, guy aitchison or bob tyrell how they started you can still tattoo from home legally in some places in the world just do it the right way and get registered.
  2. mark101


    Megan an artist cant educate you on blowout rather they need to educate them selves about blow out blow out is easily avoided by someone who knows what they are doing
  3. mark101


    Did you pass this information on to the artist? If you did then they are stupid to ignore if you didnt then thats bad on your part same as when people don't tell the artist they are on things like blood thinners and other drugs.
  4. mark101

    Opinions needed

    https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=creating+shadows&client=safari&hl=en-gb&prmd=ivsn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwizjMq1ssTaAhWsK8AKHbleAMoQ_AUIESgB&biw=704&bih=704#imgrc=7QomWG3F-JpfDM: simple explanation here
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    Opinions needed

    Everything has a light side and a dark side depending on where the sun light hits it
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    Opinions needed

    Cant open it to look
  7. mark101

    New sleeve

    Looks good so far if the writing is a cover up id like to see how small the other piece was lol give the kudos to your artist say who they are
  8. To be honest its script so it can go where ever you want nothing challenging in it it all depends on size no good having a chest piece size on a foot if you get my drift ps dont get it dont on a "holiday" big mistake
  9. mark101

    Tattoos for scar cover ups

    Covering and hiding are different things flowers work well and anythnig else busy
  10. mark101

    Different Thigh Tattoos

    It doesnt matter i have celtic on one leg old school on the other japanese left sleeve And shit on the other arm its your body put on it what you want
  11. mark101

    Blowout or healing?

    do as tour artist has asked it has blown however
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    Think it was dave nester who did a video
  13. mark101

    My Machines

    Wasnt it tony that made show pieces out of his buggered frames welded and soldered bits of metal together ? i was given a carrrier bag full of them by an artist a few years ago
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    Why are my lines so thin?

    Just post it to a hosting site and post the link
  15. mark101

    Tattoo Convention Help

    There really is no need to market to people who are tattooed the ways it is done is facebook instagram websites magazines and to my mind the best which is word of mouth no fancy analyst with graphs is going to mean shit to a pirate just shows someone has roo much time on their hands the market is so flooded now the only way to survive is be better than the next man in the street and that means putting out good ink not by putting up marketing bullshit in the window why pick tattooing anyway there is plenty of other business out there that would probably love all this white collar stuff
  16. I could also build you one if you can show me a lisence i can think off the bat at least 6 great machine builders from canada but its an open forum so i wont say them here
  17. Nothing beats a good dry humping not even a reach around first
  18. mark101

    First Tattoo

    Why not get a tattoo and write from experiance
  19. Where is he based ? speak to my mate Marc at o'naths tattoos he might be able to help you out hes based in holland not sure how far they are away
  20. You certainly wont find a "specialist" in that work however it might be hard to find someone who would actually want to do that kind of work
  21. Yeah use the birds and breaking feather theme all the hipsters go for nowadays but use music instead
  22. mark101

    Tattoo rework- suggestions ?

    Hmm yep
  23. Wheres the dove? let it heal it will dumb down some anyway
  24. mark101

    Tattoo rework- suggestions ?

    Not totally bad seen much worse
  25. Go to the consultation and let the artist go with it