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  1. mark101

    First tattoo colour loss?

    Dont blow the picture up so much all tattoos look like crap that way
  2. mark101

    Do tattoos fade with time?

    In 30 or 40 years you will probably be too old to care anyway lol
  3. As in my last post in the welcome if it works right for you dont worry about it those are "proper ones" from the pics can you put up better pics please so i can see them better
  4. mark101

    Wonder if I get any replies but hi!

    If it puts ink in without trauma it is set up right
  5. mark101

    Do tattoos fade with time?

    And some colours will fall out over time have a look at some 30 or 40 years old the only colours left are black and green and in some a little bit of red the lines will also be as wide as the grand canyon lol
  6. Let her design her own tattoo she has to wear it get your version on your skin Ps i cant open them please dont let them be kanji my wife just has an image for all the women in the family and another for all the men one on each wrist
  7. mark101

    Help Improve My Tattoo Please

    doesnt help with nothing supporting it just get more work done around it that will help
  8. mark101

    I need ideas or suggestions pls..

    i wouldnt even try to do anything withthat except a cover up you cant turn a pigs ear into a silk purse cover it and loose it
  9. mark101

    Questions about my stigma hyper v3..

    Could you not go to stigma and ask them? sorry ive never used anything other than a coil
  10. mark101

    Advice on a badly executed tattoo

    so yours is not the back piece?
  11. mark101

    First tat—campfire/bonfire

    Lucky ive been in a good mood all week lol
  12. mark101

    First tat—campfire/bonfire

    Im just a cunt i guess
  13. mark101

    Questions about my stigma hyper v3..

    Im sure i saw a vid on you tube a while ago about this
  14. mark101

    First tat—campfire/bonfire

    Your questions are those of a tyre kicker who doesnt actually know what they want and want everything done for them NEXT...
  15. mark101

    First tat—campfire/bonfire

    Why worry about what complete strangers think if you want a bonfire tattoo go and get a bonfire tattoo and enjoy it
  16. mark101

    Gambling related tattoo

    You have enough ideas without even seeing the image go into a good tattoo studio tell them what you want pay money preferably winnings from the casino walk out with tattoo
  17. Another who learnt a little through this forum lol
  18. And never come back to say thanks for the help lol
  19. mark101

    need a bit of help with new tattoo

    nice to see you're still here and part of the forum...
  20. mark101

    Water Color

    I personally am not a fan of the water colour style as im sure a few years down the line they are going to mush up without the clean lines to help it out. so your version will really help it stand up
  21. mark101

    HD Stencils

    Just give the client the painless version option for the same money lol
  22. mark101

    Original flash

    Is anything origional now a days ? theres only so many variations of a rose or a swallow or a ship you can actually do lol