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  1. mark101

    Position for ship - Facing in or out?

    I admire you trying sunny but that ship sailed ages ago lol
  2. mark101

    Chair rental. commission or both?

    Answered in quote
  3. mark101

    Girl/Boy UPC barcode on forehead

    Gotta love an idiot
  4. mark101

    Gifts for my wife

    Google your local supplier and give them a call personal service will pay dividends in the end
  5. mark101

    Ink of choice?

    99% of suppliers will sell to anyone with a bank card doesnt matter what they say try it and see
  6. mark101

    What could I add on to blend these better?

    Nothing will work properly they are just lick and sticks
  7. mark101

    Help With A Tattoo Design Idea

    get it for how you feel i dont have a struggle with demons.. however you have given nearly enough info to go into a studio and get them to draw something with what you have mentioned
  8. mark101

    Tattooing over dark spots

    Could get a patch test done first
  9. mark101

    My sketches (feel free to remix)

    That isnt tattooable as it is restart it and keep it simple
  10. mark101

    What wrong!

    Guy aitchinson uses that method where he flicks his armature bar to get it to run i will leave someone else to give you the answer you seek as its the open part of the forum
  11. mark101


    Done here is named because he left
  12. mark101

    Light-but-not-white colors?

    Depends if you want it to last or not white yellow grey wash in different gradiants are available orange red blue all these have different shades your tattoo get it how you want but yes white will not last neither did the yellow i had in my leg or then red in my shoulder
  13. mark101

    Learning to Tattoo in my mid-30's - no chance?

    No need for an autoclave if you go down the disposable route
  14. mark101

    Where to start

    The ones he mentioned only sell good gear
  15. mark101

    1st Tattoo seeking advice

    Top right will look like shit once that has started to spread bottom left will just look like a line once it has started to spread
  16. mark101

    Lightbox setup

    Thats what apprentices are for
  17. What kind of things do you like filling it with black works but you may not like that
  18. mark101

    Allergic reaction

    Never goes example my father has had tattoos in all decades from the 50s up to a couple of years ago He says his still burn in the sun even stuff by different artists using powdered ink or dispersed however i have heard of a couple of ways a tattoo artist can stop the itch a client feels like you are describing but i will not give that information out as it may not work and may cause other problems in its self
  19. Working on as in client or artist?
  20. mark101

    Harry Potter & that golden snitch

    Its a magic safe
  21. mark101

    Is this tattoo design well made?

    find a better tattoo artist than your friend