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  1. Ink is one area you dont scrimp and save on you can save a little on everything else to do with tattooing but not ink that is the only lasting reminder of any tattoo Not saying you are trying too mind you!!
  2. Or go to the above but it wont be there for long lol.
  3. Check the magic moon website they are based in germany you will get top brands from there no problem
  4. *edited as i dont wanna get sued for libel * where in the world are you as the list could be area dependant
  5. Back tattoo ideas to complete

    Did they not show you the finished drawing?
  6. Prison Tats

    Perhaps its a kudos thing been involved in shit myself just never felt the need to brag about it on a forum lol
  7. Prison Tats

    Not all prison ink is terrible ive seen some really good stuff
  8. You are not ready for your next tattoo if you were you would know what you want
  9. japanese sleeve ideas?

    Shame he never came back
  10. tattoos that compliment mountains

    What do you like? if your first tattoo is on your leg and the next will be on your arm why does it need to compliment it
  11. Wait and see what happens 4 days is way too early you may just be a bad healer why are you using this product is it what your artist told you too use? personally i wouldn't use it after reading the ingrediants
  12. Define super old my dad is 75 and still gets tattoos lol never used numbing cream so wouldnt know if they work or not
  13. Noob Question.

    You could ask an admin if you can find one lol i dont know alot of newbies have the same problem
  14. Why can I not reply?

    You are not the first to mention it but there is no one with privilidges to fix it anymore
  15. HELP building a machine from scratch

    rebuilding a shitty machine with quality parts leads to other problems in itself plus i found 90% of the people who sell to those not working in a shop sell......... shitty parts there are a few that you can buy from if you look properly