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  1. I like the dry heal personally but i used some ointment on my last piece to try it out
  2. That tigers mint who did them
  3. Welcome back then theres only about 4 or 5 of us left now
  4. Exactly fuck what anyone else thinks
  5. Go for it and sod the expense get one behind each ear lol
  6. However 2 old timers have died or retired so you could well be 11 or 12 now give it a week....
  7. Theres a new guy on facebook just started and hes 13th so you must be 14th now
  8. Time is money how much are you paying for this research that without you have no business. are you in the tattoo industry already or are you trying to just make money out of it
  9. That piece wont fit on the forearm i would say you or someone has covered up the name but that would be a good place to start
  10. Are you the same guy who was going to pay like 4 or 5 k to get on someones list?
  11. Unless you have it slightly wonky and have to try to remove it lol
  12. Got the proper version