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  1. You will only get out what you put in. what are you doing when he/she is tattooing what questions are you asking when they have finished? being wierd about getting tattoos from someone else i can kind of understand if you dont trust them to be able to do it why are you working there?
  2. Or inside out hmmm
  3. 2nded if you are not 100% sure dont get it
  4. Means nothing to me but its a solid piece of ink
  5. Looks pretty ok but i would say if its on a person then read up on stuff first. dont know if you worrk in a shop or its done at home. if it is at home then check out what you should be doing for your safety and the victims lol
  6. Give it a couple of weeks always found going over an existing tattoo flares up the old
  7. Think im going to try to persuade karl to start the forum up again it'll give him something to do lol
  8. When freaks was around i thought you made machines?
  9. Get a zinom up and over lol
  10. Im a lefty only lefty machine i have used is one i built for myself just go the oppsite way around a tattoo so you can see it lol ignore any thing these right handed fuckers ever tell you they dont know the pain we go through.
  11. Wanted and got or want?
  12. Use the force of the founding fathers
  13. Ahaha and english isnt your native tongue please stop using google translate lmao
  14. Hahaha blocks many more people it wont see what fun its missing. and i was so nice on my welcome thread it made. mind you if it spoke to the artist like it does on here no wonder he got shitty
  15. Not at the posted one obviously lol