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  1. Not personally but theres loads of dogs around here with tattoos lol
  2. Certainly doesnt matter what text it says as if you want text you wouLd get it to say what you wanted.
  3. put some clothes on it and then try it what machine did you get
  4. Why bother google has everything
  5. Science behind the art is a good starting point not sure if you meant to but seriously google exactly what you typed
  6. What tension you running at there is a few options
  7. If you like it get it
  8. Should be more worried about the blow outs its a simple design to do but they have made a hash of it imo shop done?
  9. Gotta be upto 2010 ish this is probably one of the only ones still going read street went tattoodles is dead
  10. If you like it get it and dont worry about what it means. its your tattoo and if you want to you can make up any meaning you want
  11. Coil machine you are going to struggle rotary i have never even touched so wouldnt want to giveyou bum advise however i would look at the luckys range for a guid to something that will probably suit. i have a good friend who uses somthing like a big pen as he has fooked nerves
  12. Speak to chuck eldridge
  13. Always stands