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  1. Listen to music
  2. What she said ^^^ lol
  3. Hola
  4. Go for it but as it is itwill mean more
  5. How about another one with snarling teeth pointing the other way up
  6. Got any pictures of removal with this got any recommendations for this
  7. Is that looks wonkey when you bend your arm?
  8. 99% sure they are not aarons i would like better bigger pics to be certain but ask him on his website would be my first call there are more than a couple able to do it
  9. Welcme in its a bit slow nowadays but we still come here
  10. What happens if you do it as the design and it doesnt work ?? i can see court cases aplenty lmao lawyer : your honour my client went into the aforementioned establishment to get a tattoo and when the said piece of art was finished he tried to get it to speak using his smartphone but it didnt work.we therfore request that you find in favour of my client for the loss of the cost of the tattoo and renumeration for the embarressment and heartbreak of getting a reputable proffesional who cannot seem to make the magic device work so must have put a blob of ink somewhere he shouldnt as it worked on the internet as it is obviously something he has done judge: your client must be a brain dead moron for thinking that this would work CASE DISMISSED lol
  11. Yep turn it into a bruise lol
  12. With a b&g tattoo i think too many colours mixed in spoils it just add one other colour in small bits
  13. What he said ^^^ it sounds good anyway lmao
  14. Looks a mash up betweeen a cross and a supreme. cool