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  1. First tatoo

    Most peoples fear is the unknowing once its over Most forget the pain aswell lol
  2. hi

    Find a good artist
  3. First tatoo

    And are you happy with it?
  4. Apprenticeship Contract Questions - What's normal?

    So in that case its only fair that you pay your dues if he says five years bear in mind you wont be a tattooist after 1 year it will probably take nearer to 4 or 5
  5. Apprenticeship Contract Questions - What's normal?

    Are they charging you for the apprentiship as that will dictate my answer
  6. tattoo aftercare spray / foam?

    Go find a good artist tell them your problem and go from there.
  7. Panthers Head Tattoo

    You have a point lo
  8. Paw Print from Photo

    You Get the paw print take it to the studio get it tattooed failing that go in and say i want a paw print say 1 1/2 inches long or however big your dogs paw is
  9. No apprenticeship

    Do it as clean and hygenic as you can..it can happen without going the right way its just a hell of a lot harder and takes longer if and when you start to push out solid work the shops will call you up there used to be a guy on here who owned a chain of shops aus way
  10. Is the forum always sleepy?

    There probably is somewhere but i cant be bothered to look for them
  11. Is the forum always sleepy?

    Facebook happened lol
  12. New tattoo advise

    And you say you are picky i think not
  13. Im all for helping fallen brothers or sisters but you need to give more than that even google doesnt come up with anything