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  1. Always stands
  2. Dulux any day lol
  3. You can do business with luckys but not kingpin why?
  4. Cant help then
  5. Welcome in
  6. Its ok im just making conversation lol you'll get used to us if you stick around
  7. In that case then the pad of the thumb or the muscle shouldnt be there lol
  8. Welcome your thumb thinks its a little finger
  9. Because he is happy and its a funky friday feeling why didnt you get it onyour front so you can see itwithout looking in a mirror
  10. Whats the weather like where you are david its overcast and humid here in the uk today
  11. There is nothing wrong with pelikan ink im not dead yet and neither are millions of others with tattoos i have both pelikan and talens in my body and they say both shouldnt be used ive even got the 2 mixed together as it makes for great black and grey pieces bring back the days of pre internet when everyone just got tattooed and didnt worry about it
  12. All that crap in the visit the studio bit i have never heard of anyone not changing needles or dipping into their ink bottles since the 70's
  13. Im struggling here are you getting the tattoo or giving the tattoo if you are getting the artist will use what hes comfortable with if you are giving then learn some more
  14. Pick one you like the look of at the top end of the price you can afford. and be happy