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  1. As in my post i did say it was a general comment not aimed at you you have options leave it as it is go somewhere else and get something done cover the whole lot spend a fortune and get the bottom bit lasered off go back to the same artist and get him to do something this would be my choice no answer is going to be perfect, its your tattoo and you have to wear it so your choice but you do need to shoulder some of the responsibility for it as you didnt say its not what you wanted so maybe offer to split the costs with him
  2. It would depend on the time of day for shadows and reflections aswell However ... did they say look at it in the mirror when he applied the stencil and you say ok? never be afraid of saying you dont like something you are paying a lot of money for this and you have to wear it forever General comment coming up so not aimed at you for god sake people use some common sense a proper tattooist will understand if its not how you imagined it and re design it until you are happy if they dont go somewhere else they dont deserve your money
  3. What's your longest tattoo session

    I once done 3 hours sitting with a hooked needles tearing my back up god knows how many times he went over it trying to put colour into it not a particularly big piece either 5" long 3 " wide at the most puked my guts up when he had finished and i got home tbf i didnt know about hooked needles then i just thought i dont remember it hurting this bad lol
  4. Healing process question

    What aftercare instruction sheet did your artist give you?
  5. New tattoo problem

    Goto a studio next time good tattoos aint cheap
  6. Tattoo rework possibly cover up?

    id ask him to go back and put some black lines in it as i cant see anything
  7. New Transfer Paper - super dark transfer!

    As they say Bold will hold lol id rather it still be there at the end than loose it halfway through

    Depends if you want to be a girl and go rotary or be a man and go coils
  9. Help with tattoo design

    Hahahha i really did piss myself fuck old age lmao
  10. Is there any etiquette to this

    I would say if you would have asked i might have told you to go and experiance another artist work to see gow they work to do it without asking is disrepectful as your teacher im good enough to teach you but not to tattoo you is that what you are saying ? It all depends on how you value the apprentice or whether they are just a toilet cleaner? if you treat them as a valued member of staff i would go the unformal chat route using the words above if they bring nothing to the table tell them to sling their hook or do it again and they can fook right off basiclly what mac said lol
  11. Criticising someone who already feels they have a poorly executed tattoo isnt going to make them feel any better. opinions on what the tattoo looks like really isnt any ones concern as we dont have to look at it as long as its what you wanted then that is all that matters *edited not for public section or to hijack this thread*
  12. My opinion doesnt matter you chose to wear it
  13. Tattoo question

    Im getting mixed messages here the pics are linked to a removal site are you trying to get rid of it?