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    Praying Hands Tattoo With Cross

    Hi all.long time I didn't post anything here.Time to come back I did this tattoo yesterday by customer request.I use stock photos for the hands and the cross. Did it for 3 hours or less, with many breaks. Outlining with 7 round liner.(mostly bloody marks, she had so dry skin on the leg and I have to keep the small details visible) Shading 9 magnum and for some small parts and thicker lines 7 round shader. 7 round liner for the white and disposable tube. Always I use own my mix for the shading,regular liner Ink with water.
  2. Which brand (company,made) tattoo machine do you use? I'm using a Micky Sharpz for years and I'm preti satisfy with it,strong and good enough I use almost 1 machine for outlines,shading and coloring...just I play with the Voltage For the lines i use 10v,for coloring 9,3,shading less than 9,3.
  3. Hi, Long time i miss the forum. Our shop in Norway need a person(Norwegian) to be apprentice. If some of you are living around Oslo and you have good drawing skills, bring your portfolio to our Tattoo studio in Drammen. You can contact me on facebook Charlie Our webpage: www.leading-light.com you can check our skills.
  4. gettattoo

    Big Mag Machine

    Sorry,but this is the most ugly tattoo machine I ever seen.Maybe is great machine,but the design is original and ugly,nothing personal Cheers
  5. gettattoo

    My First Tattoo...

    your first is best than others 10'th...very good result.impresive.
  6. gettattoo

    New Machine...new Results...

    I think I spot some of your work,which is quite good...but this,this is like a first tattoo of someone.Prety bad.Bad outline,bad shading.... if you are not sure about the final result with some of the designs,dont start.Get your skils with tattoos which are more close to your level.
  7. gettattoo

    Anyone Heard Of This Artist??

    Fast and ugly.
  8. gettattoo

    Pencil Portrait, Guess Who?

    Some people here in the forum haven't elemental skills for drawing and they hope for prefessional tattooing or else....sorry but I can't understand Nothing personal,just a note.Time for true !!!
  9. gettattoo

    A Must-visit Website

    Check it :Visit My Website
  10. To use a tribal black for outlines is kind of hard to keep the design clean,also is much easy to make a blowups.You have to be very careful.The tribal black is spreading more under the skin,after a few years the lines will be much thiker than the lines with normal ink. Good luck.
  11. gettattoo

    I Just Quit The Shop....

    You did it right.Respect!!! You will find a tattoo shop which must be,I'm sure for it.Not all tattoo shops are full with drugs and shity people.I never work in shop like this before.I'm a 40 years old and I never try any kind of drugs.I always warning the customers if they are too young and they have strange ideas to get a tattoo.This is the way to get respect and to keep your bussiness and name.
  12. gettattoo

    Oslo Tattoo Convention

    I was today in the convention in Oslo,Norway.We have a stand there with a few tattoo artists.I done a my design,4 hours work in bad condition for tattooing..I'm fuc'n tired to work on Tattoo conventions,this is the worst place for tattooing I use 5RL,11 R magnum,7R Shader, 7 open liner for the white spots.
  13. gettattoo

    Predator Back Piece In Progres

    Here is my work in progress,behind this will have a very light background with pyaramide and some shadows(figures)
  14. gettattoo

    Predator Back Piece In Progres

    latest work on this piece. 11 RM,7RL
  15. gettattoo

    Bulldog Portrait

    Good job,well done
  16. gettattoo

    My Tattoo Machines Colection

    Yes,I find the site....extremly good tattoo machine,beter than MS for big shading or color work....very stable machine,working very smooth
  17. gettattoo

    My Tattoo Machines Colection

    I'm using a Micky Sharpz tattoo machines for many years.Most of them are prety old.When they are tuned properly they run very smooth and good.I never change the springs less than 1,5 year.Extremly good machines.
  18. gettattoo

    Indian Design

    It's very important how will stand(sit) the customer.They have to sit on high chair and trying to strech the skin as much as possible...I don't know how to explain,my eng sucks.....but they have to push the head and chest forward...LOL ...did you understand? sorry..I sucks
  19. gettattoo

    Indian Design

    HAHAHHAHAAAHAHHAHAAAAA...LOL....you are killing me
  20. gettattoo

    Indian Design

    The lines are quite good for this palce....it's a very hard to get nice lines of the lover back,specialy on flat people.Need lot of expirience. Overall the tattoo looks done well.
  21. gettattoo

    My Tattoo Machines Colection

    Not yet,my boss told me that He order already some new MS machines and some parts.When I try I'll post revue
  22. gettattoo

    My Tattoo Machines Colection

    The brass is not a MS...i don;t know which brand is.
  23. gettattoo

    Indian Design

    yes.I know how are the things with the customers.They have the last word,but you can do beter the shape of the skull,the cracks..etc. Is look that you have skills for a good tattoo artist.
  24. gettattoo

    Indian Design

    Very good work,but prety ugly design.Next time try to find some beter piece.
  25. gettattoo

    Scorpion Flash

    if you plan to to make it in small size you can use round shaders or double flat needles.Some handwriting type will be cool.