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  1. ...I used to suffer it a lot, but rarely anymore (unless its a 4+ hour sitting) .. good artist chair and good client chair/bed, good posture (if you can when leaning in for hours!) .. all helped me cut down the back ache and inability to stand straight for hours after :-)
  2. Good idea Deadbird. Which ones are you hoping to get to given the choice? I've just changed studios so chances are wont be making it to any conventions this year, be good to hear where our members are going and like you suggested maybe some pictures and feedback. ;-)
  3. I just can't keep away, doesn't matter how long I disappear for (work, life etc) I creep back in the back door while no ones looking once in a while
  4. agree with the guys here... the thighs a lot better, (not sure about the pecker.... !) I tattooed both my upper thighs and the skins nice and tight if you bend the leg so its placed well. Gotta say after 3 hours bending over looking at my own thigh I couldn't stand straight and was walking like Yosemite Sam for an hour after.... ;-) these days prefer to have my tattooist handle the bendy jobs ;-)
  5. ...this thread still going? cool beans!.. I remember when this lil baby was born ;-) good times....
  6. sorry to hear that ... good luck in whatever you decide to do in the future :-)
  7. ...hey if your girl (or guy) is confident and hot enough to carry it off then be proud of it and go for it, ;-) I would... (I personally would need them to have a brain between their ears as well..)
  8. Welcome
  9. welcome fellow lady :-)
  10. welcome.
  11. welcome to the forum Shane:-)
  12. welcome to lurkers old and new ;-)
  13. welcome :-)
  14. lovely :-)
  15. hey, nice to meet you, some good work there. remember to post pictures of your work in the show and tell section ;-)