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  1. Blazing Eagle And Pike

    Utterly unreadable.... C- Must try harder
  2. Wk 108 - Classic Movie Monsters Poll

    Chappy's rocks..
  3. Numbing

    I'm sorry you won't be posting anymore.. Your vast knowledge of tattooing & your light & easy style have made you a real boon to this community.. If I ever meet you in person (stranger shit happens) I will shake your hand & buy you a beer... Take it easy man & if you ever feel like posting again feel free.. You lazy, arrogant, clueless, douchebag cunt....
  4. Kid Slug Santa

  5. Yo !

    Good to see your face..... It's fucking freezing here mind...
  6. What's Not To Love.?.....

    YouTube - The King - L A Woman / New York, New York
  7. I'm Not Flash.......

    Self Portrait in Acrylic & Acrylic Varnish... Sorry I've been absent... Shit happens.........
  8. Yo!

    You find the greatest tattooing resource available to you (other than a decent apprenticeship) & piss it up the wall... I couldn't give an anteater's bollock who or what you think you are, lose the attitude or fuck off, simple as... If I were you, & I thank fuck I'm not, I would post a heartfelt apology, wind your fucking neck in & pray to all you hold holy that the good people here still feel generous enough to want to help you on your journey... I was a kid once & I occasionally acted like a complete prick, no shame in that, it's how you deal with it after you've been called out that counts.. Make it right & you're welcome to The Forum, keep up the attitude & you're gone...
  9. Marnin'

    Welcome aboard! Start with the art, post some of your work in Art Class & we'll see were you're at...
  10. Western Horses

    Love the skull & I'm stealing the horseshoes.... I like the horses heads, remind me a little of the Pharaoh's Horses... Nice
  11. Queen & Pope

    "No Your Holiness! One said fiRst the choirboys singing & then onto luncheon!"
  12. Queen & Pope

    "One knew that the pickled onions served at luncheon would come back to haunt one...... Nazi bastard..."
  13. Hanging Around With No-Body....

    I'd wear it..
  14. Drunk And Alone.....

    Lucky bastard.!..
  15. Jesus ...

    Christ almighty.!...