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  1. Utterly unreadable.... C- Must try harder
  2. Chappy's rocks..
  3. I'm sorry you won't be posting anymore.. Your vast knowledge of tattooing & your light & easy style have made you a real boon to this community.. If I ever meet you in person (stranger shit happens) I will shake your hand & buy you a beer... Take it easy man & if you ever feel like posting again feel free.. You lazy, arrogant, clueless, douchebag cunt....
  4. Classic..
  5. Good to see your face..... It's fucking freezing here mind...
  6. YouTube - The King - L A Woman / New York, New York
  7. Self Portrait in Acrylic & Acrylic Varnish... Sorry I've been absent... Shit happens.........
  8. Yo!

    You find the greatest tattooing resource available to you (other than a decent apprenticeship) & piss it up the wall... I couldn't give an anteater's bollock who or what you think you are, lose the attitude or fuck off, simple as... If I were you, & I thank fuck I'm not, I would post a heartfelt apology, wind your fucking neck in & pray to all you hold holy that the good people here still feel generous enough to want to help you on your journey... I was a kid once & I occasionally acted like a complete prick, no shame in that, it's how you deal with it after you've been called out that counts.. Make it right & you're welcome to The Forum, keep up the attitude & you're gone...
  9. Welcome aboard! Start with the art, post some of your work in Art Class & we'll see were you're at...
  10. Love the skull & I'm stealing the horseshoes.... I like the horses heads, remind me a little of the Pharaoh's Horses... Nice
  11. "No Your Holiness! One said fiRst the choirboys singing & then onto luncheon!"
  12. "One knew that the pickled onions served at luncheon would come back to haunt one...... Nazi bastard..."
  13. I'd wear it..
  14. Lucky bastard.!..
  15. Christ almighty.!...