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  1. And it didn't sell? Go figure .......
  2. It's no disco chicken holding a boombox is it, Tez?
  3. No worries, next time I'll shut my mouth and let others get ripped off too.
  4. Not to mention these other problems with Greg's machines ... 1. They rust. I don't mean years down the track, I mean after having them sit for about a week .... they are rusted pieces of shit. 2. The spring decks NEVER sit true. 3. When you take them out of the package they arrive in, the spring deck just ..... falls off! And that's when and IF you actually get what you pay for. Before anyone goes off, I actually have pictures to prove everything I have just said. Steer well clear of Greg and IndyIrons. His machines are utter junk.
  5. That is his address, seems legit. EDIT : Pacemaker doesn't mean no tattooing though. Shit. I personally know someone with a pacemaker that still drives a top fuel dragster every weekend.
  6. Fuckin hell Gaz. I clicked the link and instantly thought "What the fuck did I do!!?" ..... Checked who originally started the thread, it was you and then I thought "I've never done anything to him, what the fuck??" ...... Smart ass!
  7. That was one of the reasons I asked
  8. Really? How?
  9. That pic is fantastic. From now on, my machines are going to be called my "tattooing insturments" Awesome ....
  10. The top banner looks squashed and the bottom one looks stretched. Also, you're missing an index finger. You have the first knuckle joint, just not the rest of the finger. Looks pretty cool though.
  11. I also know of another studio that use stainless only but doesn't have an ultrasonic, doesn't have an autoclave. They DO have a UV steriliser though! *facepalm*
  12. I know of a registered studio that cuts McDonalds straw up into 1/2" lengths and puts bulldog clips onto the ends to close one end off, then uses them for ink caps.
  13. We have a b&w A3 laser printer in the shop for stencils, and I use a Lexmark X7675 for any colour work (flyers, signs, etc)
  14. Pretty sure guns are designed to kill in any hands
  15. Yes, my fault. I should have been clearer. I didn't mean that ALL rolled/bent frames are chinese, or that only the chinese use radial capacitors but couple those features together with the other points I mentioned and VIOLA, one chinese machine.