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  1. sedge

    Pretty Butterflies

    Hey letaali i was just checking this out and like everyone before me has already said its a really nice piece man!!!!!!! i like it alot im going to buy some of that paper and give it a go, as im not enjoying working on the marker paper ...
  2. sedge

    Hand Of God ??

    No mate you are right !!!! i know it needs more and i will paint it up, i feel alot more confident using water colours now and thanks for always taking time Nate ...... im happy with where things are finally going
  3. sedge

    Hand Of God ??

  4. sedge

    Hand Of God ??

    I was messing with the markers again last night and ended up with this....... keep getting ink spots at the bottom of the pages must be getting it on my hand or something .. used my right hand for reference ... Thanks for looking and any comments/crit Sedge
  5. sedge

    Playing With Copics

    Funny you should say that i have just come back from the Art shop and was looking at the Arches blocks ... but there is some money there!!!! going to wait till the end of the month to buy some and just use what i have for now ... i will go check out you post too now ... need to catch up on whats been going on
  6. sedge

    Playing With Copics

    Hey thanks for taking time to comment guys I have only tried a couple of papers and did both these on the copic marker paper ... not too sure i like it tho ... its like drawing on tracing paper seems so thin .... Nat said to try some Bristol out so going to give it go too. i only have a small set of colours that my girlfriend bought me to play around with .... so i used 3 blues and grey to try and tint it a little ...The only black is the linework in both the drawings... I did another last night and will try to post it later ....i have noticed i somehow keep getting ink splatter on the paper its doing my head in .... its all going ok then there it is ....spot thanks again sedge
  7. sedge

    Playing With Copics

    It seems to have resized the pics .... i norm use one of the presets on there but cant seem to find it ??? anyway here you go and
  8. sedge

    Playing With Copics

    Yeah letaali not sure whats happened there ????? unless something has changed on photobucket that i didnt see ... its prob done the same with my post in the woodshed too ..... i will go see now.
  9. sedge

    Playing With Copics

    So it been a while since my last post and thought new year new start and more posting .... Anyway my girlfriend bought me a small set of the copic ciao markers to play with, been wanting to try the markers for a while after seeing all the posts on here ... finding it harder than i thought trying to get the blends right and think i need to get some copic liners too now because the prisma ones i have seem to bleed out a little if the marker goes over them ??? any way here are a couple of flowers i was playing with the other night.. and another They are fun to use but going to take time getting used to them.. Thanks for looking and any comments/crit Sedge
  10. sedge

    How Many Machines Do You Own?

    5 Buzzbrush 1 Monkeyrat 2 Glyn Flew 2 machines from New Image (first ones i ever bought) 1 random frame i found and cobbled together with coils from MonkeyRat 1 Dragonfly rotary .... And still wanting a few more
  11. sedge

    Link Bossman

    Hey Just wondering if anybody has watched this Neo-Taditional tattooing and if its worth a look ?????
  12. sedge

    Rose And Love

    Got to admit i used this rose as reference for a drawing i did yesterday ..... still could not get it looking right!!!!!
  13. sedge

    Rose And Love

    Really nice Tero !!! it has a great shape and clean as hell BUT then knowing your work we dont expect anything else!!!! Its a simple design compared to what you norm post but i love it ... wish i could get my roses looking like this!!!!
  14. sedge


    invite sent mate
  15. Thanks Flatline ... i see what you are saying and it would have made for a more solid piece !!!! Hey JD im good man getting back to it !!! hope all is well with you!!! Thanks again for the crit guys ..