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  1. Kinda Cool Pics

    Thanks sheff....great pics indeed! Here in the Nevada ('Vegas) area, we have Goldfield....an old ghost town. But that's the best we have around here, this is too-new a country to have the great areas like in Euro towns...! Thanks again man!
  2. Where I'm At

    .....good girl, you'll do just-fine! That is a great idea, watching films and TV programs will sure help a lot too! Keep up the good-work.... ;-)
  3. Where I'm At

    .....What is your native language? I lived in both France and Germany many decades ago....and recently I picked up both languages in a program called Rosetta stone. I needed to almost relearn each language,( it has been 25 or 30 years since using either)....but I see that Rosetta Stone is great! I suggest that you try it amybird....it makes learning a real breeze! I bet in a month you'll be both writing and speaking enough to easily get-by!
  4. Raised £2100!!

    ...Congrats girl......I am so happy to hear that it all went so very well! .....Betcha' lil' JJ is smiling...! ;-)
  5. Roll Call!

    .....73.....almost my age....well close....! ;-)
  6. To My Friends ..new & Old..

    Andy....brother I am so sorry to hear of your loss.....I have been sidelined, hence not much time online for a few months. That old Southeast Asia re-lived for me again....happens every few years. I will be calling you today bro...God Bless you kid... MadHatter :-)
  7. Need Your Help Folks ..

    ....could not be happier for you kid.....this old-timer sends you a ton prayers....! :-)
  8. Elvis Silouette

    ....excellent job girl...you're rollin' now! ;-)
  9. Google Ads Installed

    ...I am using Firefox....they show up just fine here! :-)
  10. Happy Birfday To My Tattooin Sis!!

    Happy Birthday indeed! I hope this is the very-best Birthday EVER! :-)
  11. Forms To Get Licensed On Their Way!!

    Great progress indeed! You are on your way! :-)
  12. Robotic Tattoo Machine

    ....interesting....crazy thing, but it amazes me how fuckin' creative people can be! I could not build something like that in a million years!
  13. Cool 3d.....

    http://www.moillusions.com/2007/12/julian-...d-sidewalk.html WOW! :-)
  14. One For Blackwidow

    .......bloody amazing. I sure don't care for spiders....we have a lot of Black Widow spiders in Nevada. Hardly ever hear of someone getting bitten though....... I am afraid that I will have to be content with seeing the beauty of Australia on the telly! :-)
  15. One For Blackwidow

    ....I have heard about those "funnel web spiders" there....are they really seen as often as they say? Mighty dangerous I guess!