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  1. . I spent a lot of time on Ink Trails, and hold this place dear. But it's time to move on. 5,000 posts in just under 4 years. Crazy. I used to live on this forum. A good majority of what I know about tattooing is from this place. I can definitely say, everything I learned over the first couple years in learning to tattoo is definitely owed to this forum. I owe quite a bit to a lot of members. Current and past members alike. If I tried to name all the people that helped me along the way, I'd fail miserably. There are just too many. Those of you who are still around, and are reading this who have shared in a discussion, private or public to help me figure this tattoo thing out, you know who you are, and I truly thank you. I've met some really good peeps here. One of which gave me a job and I consider a true friend. I've actually met about a half dozen in person. All really great peeps. Tattooed a handful of members too. You guys who trusted me with your skin have no idea how honored I am for you to have asked me. Thank you. Thanks for everything Ink Trails. Keep clean. Keep safe. Keep responsible. Salty Old Sailor... Out.
  2. I Finally made some time for my second watercolor flash sheet. Anyone hear of Paul Dobleman? He's a tattooer here in Northern California. I love his roses. This sheet was mainly a practice sheet as I tried to study and emulate them.
  3. J.D.

    Peacock And Rose Flash Sheet

    Thanks dudes. Mesmerizing? Nice. Thanks.
  4. J.D.

    Peacock And Rose Flash Sheet

    Thanks guys. Yeah, I'm not looking to make any money off flash any time soon. But I'd be pretty irked if someone linked me an Ebay sale of my shit. I'm not looking to make money off my work. But I did put a lot of work in to it. 2-3 hours for the initial sketch placement, sizing and drawing. 1-3 hours transferring and lining. 5-8 hours painting. There's stuff out there that's a lot better than mine, but if someone wanted one of these two designs tattooed, it's not hard to look past the watermarks to trace out the lines, so use my shit for a tattoo and I'm flattered. Use my shit and mention my name, and I'm honored. But jack my shit and sell it on Ebay? Not gonna happen unless you're that good of a Photoshop wizard to hack out my watermark. LOL
  5. J.D.

    Peacock And Rose Flash Sheet

    Thanks dude. I'm getting there. I think I may be on my way to finding my own style. Less referencing other artists stuff, and more just drawing what I want. Like this peacock. I REALLY referenced Mr. Dobleman's roses though. So I'm no where near where I want to be yet.
  6. We did a Friday the 13th, Sailor Jerry flash banger special today. 50 bucks gets you a palm sized tattoo. This one was my favorite. Tatsoul 8trad liner. Tatsoul 9mag Talenz black Waverly colors
  7. J.D.

    Bodysuit For A Person Under 18

    Fuckin' SWEET!
  8. J.D.

    Jerry Flash Banger (Bat)

    Yeah, I don't think it's that big a deal either. I'll throw in the whip if she comes back. Otherwise, it's a Jerry banger. I think it still looks legit.
  9. J.D.

    Once A Piece Is Started....

    Tattooers' work will go up and down. Especially in the first 5 years or so. Linework looks much better when fresh than when healed. Portfolio pieces tend to look much better fresh than when healed. Especially the super realistic stuff. Also, some peeps linework is never very good. But their shading pulls it together. Kinda like, in the end, when it's all said and done, the proofs in the pudding. You may already know all this. I just thought I'd mention a few factors that may be in play here.
  10. J.D.

    Jerry Flash Banger (Bat)

    The flash has it evened out. I just fucked up. I don't know if I'll ever get a chance to make it right. She only walked in for the Jerry special. She's got a lot of tattoos though. Maybe she'll be back for another and I can point it out to her for a quick 5 second fix. Maybe she'll come in for the next Friday the 13th. Fingers crossed.
  11. J.D.

    A Couple New Ones

    Baller His dad's old high school basketball photo from the 70's. I'm pretty proud of those shoes, thank you very much. LOL 5rl 9cm Kurosumi Black Kurosumi Greywash Traditional Japanese Dragon and Tiger Dragon taken from a Horiyoshi 2 book. Barely modified at all. Tiger pose taken from a Horicho book. Very heavily modified. Background and tail hand drawn on with sharpies. The scales on the "head" section of the dragon go through a CRAZY transition from having to move back with the body, but making an almost 180 degree turn with the front right arm facing forward. I knew I wouldn't have time to line ALL the scales of the dragon in time, so just made sure to get the transition of scales right in that tough section on paper first so I could stencil it. I'll sharpie the rest of the scales on in the next session when I power line the dragon and tiger. 7rl Talens Black If I can get him in before I take a bow, I'll post the progress.
  12. J.D.


    I did an octopus a little while back and posted it here. Covered a tribal arm band with it. This one>>> http://sweetmiseryta...96_Octopus.html I got to do another that I'm posting here today, and got to improve on certain things I discovered last time. I debated on trying to come up with another pose for the octopus, but the head fits so well on the back of the shoulder like this, I just kept the basic pose of the octopus the same. Now I'm kinda bummed, because I've got them both up on my website and feel as though one should go. 7rl (wish I used a 5) 9cm Talenz black Kuro Sumi Black Kuro Sumi Greywash About 10 inches tall Two sessions. 6 hours total.
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    Ahh. Yeah, that would have been cool. Thanks.
  14. J.D.

    Thigh Garden

    That's the nicest thing I think I've seen you say here in almost 4 years. LOL
  15. J.D.

    A Couple New Ones

    Now, THAT's a critique. Thanks. I just copied the reference pic as best I could though. I can only take credit for trying my best to get that old picture translated on to his skin for him. Thanks Lisa. Good to see you pop your head in.
  16. J.D.


    Like, you saw tattooed red? Or like, a red mood? LOL I don't get it.
  17. J.D.

    Jerry Pin-Up Remake

    You're coming along with those markers. Lookin' better and better.
  18. J.D.


    What's that pattern in her clothing? You didn't hand paint that, did you? Photoshop? Some sort of stencil? I LOVE it.
  19. J.D.

    What I Have Been Up Too Lately.

    Ms. Lisa Spud. It's great to see some old faces makin' it. Good stuff, dude.
  20. J.D.


    Some inks are thicker or thinner than others too.
  21. J.D.


    Thanks, dudes. Nate, I think that's it. Some red whipped out would be sweet though.
  22. J.D.

    Wolverine! *shnickt*

    Hah! That's badass.
  23. Okay dudes. I work in a shop in San Francisco. We're looking for a full time tattoo artist. Here's a bit of what we're looking for. -Must have a legit online portfolio. NO FACEBOOK. NO MYSPACE. Send me your professional website so we can take a good look at your stuff. -You work's gotta be GOOD. We're not saying we're high and mighty badasses of tattooing. But we absolutely need someone GOOD. Also, sorry dudes, but we just don't have the time or energy to apprentice someone properly. An apprenticeship's just not gonna happen. There are a few more requisites as far as the type of person, and work ethic we're looking for, but let's start with the portfolio and take it from there. I'm super preoccupied with work and a truckload of personal shit right now, so I apologize ahead of time if I don't reply to your message. If you're not what we're looking for, we're just gonna move on to the next portfolio. I hope you understand if I don't reply. PM me here with a link to your website, or if you don't have a full membership here, contact me through the "Contact" link on my website: sweetmiserytattoo.com Thanks dudes.
  24. J.D.

    Just A Rose

    Ahh. Nice. I'm gonna put that use sometime.