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  1. Stoneface

    Just Started Here.

    Welcome to the Trails man, Nice to have ya... Congrats on the FULL membership... you'll soon see that it is well worth it. Peace
  2. Stoneface

    Long Time Troll, New Member

    x3 ... Congrats on the Membership and Welcome to the family. Get you a Photobucket.com account or use your Facebook(etc... whatever/where ever you have photos stored online).... as you're writing a post just use the little PHOTO looking icon/button to past in the LINK ADDRESS to your photo. ...........as said ... if you have any trouble just ask somebody........... a thread of failed attempts is normally expected.... Peace
  3. Stoneface

    Roll Call.

    x2 ....Welcome to the Trails
  4. Stoneface

    Some Paintings I Did, Contains Boobs!

    Yeah, I gotta agree ...especially that last line...goes for ME too. ..... and with Rob too... I just showed up for the BOOBS! ...Where's the freakin BOOBS?
  5. Mostly Eternal, a couple of Intenze, couple of Starbrites(all basic colors) and Kuro ... mixing my own everything too. The only drawback that I'd found was to Be sure to record your custom mixes. I had one guy that I needed to add to and almost didn't get the color re-matched.... and he LOVED the origional mix... (whew! I was sweating it) ....
  6. Stoneface

    Eye Eye Fresh & Healed Pics

    you missed a hair or two ................lol.................... it don't look too bad man...pretty cool....... If I were to add anything it would be the natural skin folds/wrinkles around the eye to tie/imbed it to the body/recipient..... it more of a "realism" presence or existence........... also in the iris I might add the "rays"(whatever you want to call them) of shade or color. ..... I'd say if you're cutting her hair she trusts you egnough to come back around for some added touches ... Anywho..... Hey ... I'm about do for a hiaircut... have your machine call my machine. Peace
  7. Stoneface

    Back Spring Snapped.

    Sounds like everyone's nailed it all down. For me the snapping of the rear spring was when I realized that I didn't have a clue what the f%*# I was doing, stopped trying to tattoo all together for a year or more, studied machine mechanics and began a REAL education of Tattoo. Lol ...what a blessing it was
  8. Stoneface

    Digital Artwork

    Good to see you back brother ...I've often wondered what happened to ya. ...I'm in the desert now and definitely miss it back there. That's a pretty wild piece ... lol ...and DOES sum it up pretty well... hehehe ... Sorry about your back man... it's good to see that you're still creating etc... I've been more OFF than ON(here) this summer... I got suckered into pushing an Iron gang out here in AZ but the money couldn't be ignored... shops been closed, not Tattooing much etc...so don't feel pregnant. Get WELL soon and maybe we can both work on getting our chops back up in the near future.
  9. Stoneface

    My Neck

    Sweet! ... hopefully you'll Tattoo for life bro... but never forget that you're still within a culture....You can still Ironwork, or work on scooters when you need a break
  10. Stoneface

    I'm Back Yall

    Welcome back bro
  11. Stoneface

    Maleficent And Diablo Wip

    Freakin cool man
  12. Stoneface

    A Quick Hello To You All

    Welcome to the Trails man ... congrats on the FULL Membership it'll be well worth it. Glad to have ya
  13. Stoneface

    Oh, You Want A Hoodie Ghost?

    Looks pretty crazy man .... I think it's a nice one.
  14. Stoneface

    Hello From Florida!!

    errrr.... I always thought that anyone could post there