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  1. lucid

    Back Spring Snapped.

    Haha, I don't often post anymore, bit I'm gonna through a spanner in the works here, One of my daily drivers is a sunskin small v 2010, I only use sunskin springs, a very well known artist mate retuned it to run like his/how he wanted me to tattoo (long through, medium hit). As I said I only use sunskin springs on this machine, I went through 4 or 5 rear springs (all medium gage) in the first month... The current rear spring has been on it for over a year now, no drama (touch wood!) all from the same spring stock... Every time one would snap, I'd re spring/tune it, get it checked over by said mate and same thing would happen!... Maybe really small 'micro tuning' differences were to blame... Or maybes just shit sometimes happens!!
  2. lucid

    First Flash Sheet

    oooooohhh!!!! Wicked sheet there loving the queen of hearts!
  3. lucid

    Been A While!

    Hey Twoshay! how's tricks?
  4. lucid

    Tiny Cut-Throat....

    Lovely work, shame about the blood drips... What a tool, that'd bug fuck out of me after looking at it!
  5. lucid

    Painting Trade For Cielciel

    tip top!! this is a lovely piece
  6. lucid

    New Guy, Glasgow, Uk

    'sup T-bone welcome to the trails!
  7. lucid

    New Stuff

    lovely work! I think the neck design in sweet - it'll look better on skin imo... will this be your 1st neck piece?
  8. lucid

    A Victorian Mystery

    Wowzers! best work i've seen in ages!
  9. lucid

    Flash Sheet

  10. lucid

    Some Flash

    cool work - liking the 3rd sheet alot!
  11. lucid

    Vanity Kills

    stunning work! don't think it needs anything more
  12. lucid

    Job Last Night

    it' looking good! hope we get to see the finished piece... what size liner did you use on this?
  13. lucid

    New Painting ! !

    slick!! are you using water colour paint for the black shading?
  14. Good find! some usefull stuff
  15. lucid

    Derby Owl

    beatiful work!... love it! what did you use to paint it?