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  1. eric1972

    Cecil Porter

    He is definitely a badass but to say nikko should clean up after him is beyond stupid any artist of eithet of their caliber should be well respected!!
  2. eric1972

    My Egyptian Sleeve

    Very cool!!
  3. eric1972

    Another Girl

    awesome!! as usual!
  4. eric1972

    Simple But Superb

    I dont call that simple by any means!! But certainly superb!!
  5. eric1972

    Its A Boy!!

    Thx guys I have a 4yr old too so not my first rodeo thank god still a lot of work though!!
  6. eric1972

    Its A Boy!!

    lol true true! and i think i will catch some z's! thanks j.d.
  7. eric1972

    Trad Hula Pin-Up

    i like it ! its simple but not busted like ole sailor jerry type stuff
  8. eric1972

    Its A Boy!!

    Christian Correa Aguiar born 4/8/11 7lb 11oz 19inches long............mama did a great job he's perfect!
  9. eric1972

    Week 113 Contest: Australian Animals

    Well I had started a trad piece for this with a boxing kangaroo vs an old school bare knuckle fighter and also a wombat in a batman costume (WOMbatman) but my wifes family is here and so is mine for the birth of my son (which happened this morning at 6am ) so I wont have time to finish either one.....
  10. eric1972

    Best Dark Brown?

    Thanks s.longfellow thats the stuff I was after since moneys tight right now id like to blend what I have. I was playing with mixtures and I get a nice opaque grey by using blue amd ochre w a touch of white.
  11. eric1972

    Aos Skull

    I like it the only thing id change is the wjite void in the mouth I would have filled it like the eyes and nose
  12. eric1972

    Best Dark Brown?

    Appreciate it guys im doin an owl in a tree soon and I dont like the ones I have.
  13. eric1972

    The Bride

  14. eric1972

    Keeping Time..

  15. eric1972

    First Go At Realistic

    I think its a respectable first go at realism. Not perfect by any means but decent the eagle is cleaner than the face clearly I think there are some clear symmetry issues on the face and I would have shaded a bit differently but I dont think it was meant to be a straight up portrait was it? Its certainly a step in the right direction in my opinion but also a learning experience.