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  1. SpaceWolf

    Aspiring tattoo artist from the UK 😃

    Wow, you have some great drawings! I'm brand new here too. Thanks for sharing and good luck finding an apprenticeship.
  2. SpaceWolf

    New in town

    How goes it? Wanted to introduce myself seeing as the forum has a section for it. Names AJ, I'm an American living in Japan for work currently. In the business of airfields. Spent my entire life drawing, every day or two for the most part, married to a fellow artist. Friends have been telling me for years I should get into tattooing (bastards probably just want free ink). Life's been busy, been around the world, some nice parts, some shitty. Got married, had a few kids, working away in a boring career. I've acquired a bit of ink over the last few years, best time was immediately after my wedding ceremony. Always been fascinated by it, the perfect mix of artistic ability and tactile technical expertise. So I decided to make some space in life to learn how to tattoo. I'll gladly give full disclosure about where I'm at with it. I'm building a kit based on daily research and what I can afford. Been hitting up some practice skin when I get a few free hours to set everything up but don't have a dedicated space to leave anything out (twin one year old boys crawling around). I refuse to put ink under skin until I have full confidence in my knowledge of sanitizing and operational cleanliness. Then my own skin, and possibly my wife's to follow. We both have tattoos that need finishing or improvement. All in all, happy to be here, love the vibe and how you guys and gals lay into the people who ask questions without doing ANY research prior. Hopeful to learn and maybe someday be able to contribute. Cheers!