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  1. Azure7609

    Hello from PA!

    Are you talking about A to Z of Tattooing??
  2. Azure7609

    Hello from PA!

    Actually guns do not kill people...people kill people...guns are not living things thus can't do things on their own a person has to pull the trigger but anyways thanks for the tip I'll call them machines from now on only reason why I stated "gun" was because that's what all the books have called them so far
  3. Azure7609

    Artist/Book Suggestions??

    Hi Everyone! So I'm new to the forum and amateur when it comes to making designs for tattoos. I know some basic styles like Traditional, New School, Trib, etc. I want to learn more about these styles and learn about other styles that I may not have heard of. Any suggestions would be great as I'd love to expand my knowledge on Tattoo Design.
  4. Azure7609

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    I had actually drawn this up for someone and never actually found out if she had it done or not. I realized the shading on the bottom of the heart is harsh and not sure why that is
  5. Azure7609

    Daily Doodle Anyone?

    Something I got bored with..not rest sure where I was going with it to be honest
  6. Azure7609

    Hello from PA!

    Hello Everyone!! My name is Azure. I reside in PA. It has been a long standing dream of mine to get into the Art of Tattooing as it always fascinated me but it wasn't until recently I decided to really put myself into this task. I've been reading books about the Art of Tattooing. Anything from Tattoo Guns to Sterilazation is covered. If anyone has any advise for what books to read or is willing to share some knowledge, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm in the beginning process of learning about the Tattoo Gun and how it works, how to put it together, the different components that make up a tattoo gun, etc. What I'm looking on focusing on next are all the different styles of Tattooing. Being as I'm just a beginner I don't want to jump right in and buy supplies until I feel I have adequate knowledge of what I'm doing. I would like to note that if and when I do purchase a Tattoo Gun that I wl be strictly working on faux skin until I've gotten an apprenticeship and my Mentor has given me the okay. Speaking of Tattoo Guns, what would you suggest for a beginner such as myself?
  7. Azure7609

    Best Beginner Tattoo Gun/Kit?

    Hello! My name is Azure. I recently decided I wanted to persue the Art of Tattooing. I've been reading, taking notes, and would like to purchase a decent Tattoo gun for light practice on faux skin before deciding wether i have the talent on faux skin to actually go and become an Apprentice. As a note this machine will not be used on anything but faux skin until I become an Apprentice and have learned and or earned the okay to do so by my Mentor. So any help and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!