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  1. Sunny

    Touchy question

    Ohoh... but I would still be curious what you wrote... maybe in a private message?
  2. Sunny

    Touchy question

    So many negative opinions, here comes a positive one. I have been that customer. I'm really concerned about my body in the don't want their own pigments to stay in their. So when I wanted my white Tattoo, I did some research about which pigments they are using. I got the data sheets from intenze and eternal. I decided to go intenze, since their pigments were titan(di?)oxid, whereas eternal is using something different, I think it was zinc(di?)oxid. It is probably just my believe that the first one is better, but still. So i ordered an original bottle and brought it with me (did tell him before, and since it is a major brand, it was okay for him. We opened it together for the first time, he put the date on it and afterwards gave it back to me in case we need some touch up. That way I am even absolutely sure, that there is no cross-contamination during the next few weeks or months. I can absolutely not see anything wrong with this. However, if a customer would bring me something that I don't know or that has been opened before, I would not use it.
  3. Sunny


    Was trying, but got irritated by your response to this Spam and thus came here
  4. Sunny


    can we do anything about the spammers?
  5. Sunny

    Get paid for a tattoo

    Maybe, if your body is absolutely perfectly in shape they would be interested, but if you're more like a couch potato, they probably won't. but sure, go ahead and ask them! Let us know about the outcome
  6. Sunny

    Ink choices

    i don't know about the picture you want, but unless it is very very simple, this is way too cheap! Go and ask them which brands of ink they are using.
  7. Does it still work? If I buy the lifetime membership, will I have access to everything? Does it work automatically? Is here still a bit of support?
  8. Sunny

    Position for ship - Facing in or out?

    Well, sometimes they are coming back! Was just trying to get some life back here. This could be such a great forum, where are they?
  9. Sunny

    Crooked Tattoo- Suggestions?

    Your bra seems to be not completely even, so maybe it is just distracting? If I were a guy I would probably ask you to remove it to get a better view If you draw a line from your belly button up to your neck, how would it be? Or you can use a necklace and put a String with a weight on it, so that it hangs down in front of you.
  10. Sunny

    Clear sunscreen ?

    Yes there are! You might want to look into sunblock instead of sunscreen. I know for sure a little sunblock Stick from Pierre Favre. It is absolutely clear and I'm wondering how they get the protection. It is nothing that changes the genes or anything they are talking about in health Forums.
  11. Do you have a favorite piece you're playing? If so, I could imagine the notes of it going "wavery" around your arm? Maybe not in dark black but a bit lighter , it's just background. But I need to admit it, I'm not a great artist. Maybe not an artist at all.
  12. Sunny

    Existing tattoo.. rework or cover up

    The inner part of the Mandala will look blurry, right? Or What is the reason that you are also rejecting it? I know, this thread is not a new one, but since I'm trying to learn even old threads help a lot. I'm also wondering what it has been covered with in the end
  13. Sunny

    Help us confirm this text on tattoo

    You can always go to your local Chinarestaurant and ask them what they can read there - you will be surprised. I have a very old tattoo consisting of three letters and one was supposed to mean eternity but in reality it seems to mean ice. ( okay, I can see some relations between eternity and Ice, but still...)
  14. Hi there, I am from good old Germany but I don't want to live here... Anyhow, i have a few tattoos and some of them really bad and I want to improve them as soon as I am able to. That was basically the main reason why I got me a tattoo machine many of you probably don't like, but not many had their hands on. The lacenano. I chose this machine because I think it is way more direct to use. It just seems logic to me. I'm an engineer - we tend to think different. Have already tried a bit on bananas and pigskin from the belly and also on myself with white ink. I have a private mentor who can tell me a little bit and answer my questions but since here is no tattoo parlour in this town or anywhere close by I cannot make a real apprenticeship. I learned a lot about important hygiene, when working in the medical field, so I dare to say that I'm pretty confident about not getting cross-contamination. Here is a small piece I did on myself: White devil heart Complete I hope to get a lot of input, already red through so many helpful threads - this forum is great. Best wishes, Sunny
  15. Sunny

    1st Tattoo seeking advice

    With your last question you mean, if a needle will produce exactly this width?