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    Hey there everybody!

    My name is Mary, and I'm a tattoo enthusiast, as well a music video, feature film producer and writer! My friend Mattlock Lopes is an extremely talented tattoo artist, and together we have started a new series on YouTube called The Artist Evolution. Its a series dedicated to the art of tattooing, and a way to help clients and potential clients get the best out of their experience. The show itself has 8 episodes for season one, and we are trying to get the word out so that we have the chance to create season two, which we hope will take a new direction and cover other artists. Please check out episode one which is live now, and every week we will update with a new episode! Thanks so much for your time, excited to be on this forum, and if you like the show please share the link so that we can get it out there! Thanks again! https://youtu.be/LPAoYKGz3KU