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    Hello. So Basically i just wanted too ask a question, and u would be so so happy to find a way to fix this. So i am currently in the learning stage of tattoing, so i am using pratice skins as of yet, but i have this problem with my tattoo guns sometimes, sometimes the run smooth and flawlessly and other times they stop and and will not function to the extent, that i would ruin my tattoo, if i continue. Its like it stops, and the just one single click and the needle moves about 1mm or so and its just stuck there unless i take my foot of the pedal it goes off but when i try again its the same as i just explained, just stuck, inorder to get it "Running again, i have to flick the armature bar or adjust contact screw, but that hardly helps, because if i want it to keeo running, iorder to tattoo on those sheets, i have to press on the footpedal and dont let go again after fliickring the armature bars, or lightly hitting the machine lightly... (I use two sets from killerink, The Advanced one and the expert one i have aswell and ive experienced this with both kits) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgHZHqOq7-M&feature=youtu.be uploaded a vid, so u get a better idea. Sry for my eng.. not ny native language.