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    Light-but-not-white colors?

    Hey all! New member here so pardon me if I'm not following something. (I think this is the right place to post this? Move it if it's not.) I and a close friend of mine have talked about getting a tattoo for several months, and the wrist is the spot we've eyed for a while (my friend is quite adamant about getting it there). We've settled upon a small wave outline design but also know that we're young - 18 and 19 - and black ink seems like it might be an unnecessary risk, although the workplace seems quite accepting these days while only getting more accepting and neither of the fields we're going into (social work and computer science) care much about tattoos outside the hands/neck/face to begin with. White ink was the idea we had a while but I read all kinds of conflicting info about how they end up and if artists are willing to do it, so my main question is this: are there colors slightly more visible than white but not super visible that also have more tattoo artists willing to do them? My thought went to pastel blue sorta colors, but I don't see too many of those either so I'm not sure if that's a matter of people don't get those very much or artists not wanting to do them. We're both good with black ink but it probably gives extra peace of mind (especially to my parents) to not have it quite so striking. Thanks!