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    Study on Body Modification

    Hi Everyone, I know it's always easy to quickly click messages away, but I would be really happy if you guys could take part in my Study. As part of a dissertation and a research project of the Helmut Schmidt University (Hamburg, Germany) and Medical School Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany), we would like to ask you some questions regarding the "Motivation for Body Modification". It is not relevant whether you have some or not. Your answers will of course be handled anonymously to the highest standards and we can not draw any conclusions about your case. Some of you might know the situation, that people still think in stereotypes and try to judge. Well nonetheless because of the current state of relevant studies still think in stereotypes. Many of you might already know, body modifications have existed since 3000 BC. Starting with Ötzi, the man from the Tisenjoch. The number of piercings, tattoos and other changes to the body is steadily increasing, but what motivates people to consciously opt for a body modification? We are trying to unify this in a survey and would be very happy if you would join the study. https://ww2.unipark.de/uc/bodymodificationsurvey/ Of course, all data protection laws were complied with. Please complete the questionnaire to the best of your knowledge and belief. Thank you so much. If you have any questions regarding the the secrecy feel free to contact me: weiler@hsu-hh.de