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  1. veventza

    Alternative to green soap?

    What can i use instead of green soap after tattooing? I read that "Dr. Bronners baby mild soap" its a good alternative but nobody has assured me for that.
  2. veventza

    Problem with disposable tubes

    Ohh i see! This is what ill probably do so ill not have any difficulties in the future,thank you a lot for this!
  3. veventza

    Problem with disposable tubes

    i fixed it! I needed to loosen up the vice with a hammer and a screwdriver so the grip can fit in. Thanks for the interest anyway!
  4. I bought some new disposable tubes and one new grip and they don't fit on the grip neither the grip on the tattoo machine.The grip is bigger and the tubes are the same size as the tube. Because im new on learning how to tattoo, can i find smaller size grip so the tubes can fit in and also the grip can fit on the tattoo machine?