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  1. Hustle Tattoo Art


    Thank you so much, what should I look for in liner?
  2. Hustle Tattoo Art


    Used Cheyenne Hawk Thunder for every tattoo (shading and lining) except the stars, on stars I used Spektra Xion
  3. Hustle Tattoo Art


    Appreciate it What about those?
  4. Hustle Tattoo Art


    So, here are 2 stars, freshly done.. 3rd picture is 2 days after.. all lines gone, shading very light 4th and 5th pictures are my recent healed work I'm using Intenze Zuper Black for everything, lining and shading.. some tattoos heal great some very poorly and I can't figure out why, can anyone help!? PS. I'm selftaght since no one in my are wants to teach
  5. Hustle Tattoo Art


  6. Hustle Tattoo Art