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    1st Tattoo seeking advice

    So if the top right spreads eventually waht I could do with that skyline is just fill it in black so I don't think that's a crazy big deal... On the bottom, are you talking the two lines that kind of form the arrow? It's actually morse corse code but what I could do is put that elsewhere. Something like this instead. Where i can spread the morse code out a little better and run it along the outside. I already thought everything might be too tight so I've tried to spread it out even more. Is a .3 or .4 needle something that even exists?
  2. V14

    1st Tattoo seeking advice

    I forgot to mention most of the lines in the compas are at .4 MM and the skyline is at .3 MM.
  3. I have been self drawing this thing for months. I learned how to use a program called Inkscape to do it, very similar to Illustrator. I want to get this on my forearm and the diameter of the compass is roughly 3.25". I'm trying to figure out if my line work is just to fine and squished, or if i can find someone to actually pull this off. Will it all just look like mush after 3 years? Any and all advice would be awesome?