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    Tattoo Has Peeled Away

    This is from a few years ago so hopefully you’ve gotten better with your ink? And can answer your own question by now...but just your question tells me a few things...your tattooing out of your house and not a shop...you haven’t done and apprenticeship, so basically your so-called clients are the one suffering because of this... Going back into the same tattoo four times in a three month period is just out right ridiculous! But to answer your question, you didn’t catch the dermal layer of the skin… Meaning you did not go deep enough… Your tattoo was in the epidermis it’s just caused it to fall out
  2. Inkslingers

    Aaron Cain

    Aaron’s machines are priced as they are for a number of reasons. #1...because the market for his machines demands the price. Actually, he now sells his custom machines for a lower price then he was getting when he sold them on eBay. Just as an example, I bought a machine from him last month that I paid $800 for...his price. Had it been a few years back and the same machine was being bid for on eBay, without a doubt it would have gone for over a grand easy. #2 yes, in the end, tattoo machines are “just tools “...but Aaron’s are a little more then that...aside from being able to the job of creating art, His machines are in themselves a piece of art. Many people like myself collect his machines just for this reason. #3 they hold their value and then some. With the exceptions of older antique machines, builders that have past away or limited editions...RARELY do any other builders sell you a machine that you can sell a few years later for the same price if not more. I own 2 of his very first runs (back when he was building off of National frames ) they went for $250 then, now they are worth over $2,500. Any one of his production machines that I paid $350 for in the early 2000’s are worth twice that now...in some cases 3x’s that. So if nothing else they are an investment that you rarely can go wrong with. What I really don’t get is all the haters who have opened up their mouths about the man on here? Funny that you’re talking shit about one of the most respected artists in the industry who is bare none of the best machine builders out there. Aside from those credentials, he’s one of those people that anyone who actually knows him would be blessed to cal a friend
  3. Inkslingers

    Aaron Cain

    Sloppy coils? Really? Actually his coils are some (if not the) best coils out there...DEFINITELY THE CLEANEST...doesn’t sound like you know very much about his machines by the way you’re talking, so I doubt you know this, Aaron very rarely ever rolls his own coils...like a few other things on his machines he farms that out. Some people THINK they know who from, but they’d be wrong...don’t think I’ll share this info as it was shared with not knowing if it’s something he wants out there. Also, I can’t see how anyone who has a clue what they’re doing would have a problem rebuilding one of his...they’re definitely one the easiest machines made to tune