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    Hi everyone, Im Bridget Nine a current contestant in the 2018 World Wide Inked Magazine Cover Model contest! I am in round 3 which is the top 20!! Im currently in 9th place and round 4 starts in 5 days, the top 20 will drop to top 10....I need votes to secure my spot to top 5 and Im asking this community for help! You can click on my link to view my profile for the contest, it will show you my portfolio, you can click the vote button and vote for me! You can do this for free once a day (or you can donate to musicares and every dollar you spend is another vote for me!) I am an Inked Girl and was in the magazine 2 years ago and would LOVE to have the cover!! So please pay me a random act of kindness and VOTE and share my link on your social!! xoxo Thank you!! I cant upload any pictures here as all my files are too large Thanks!! Bridget xoxo https://inkedcover.com/2018/bridget-nine