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    I am an Actor, Model, Singer Song writer, Author, most known globally as Miss Halloween

About Me

Bridget Nine is an American Actor, Model, Singer Song Writer most known globaly as Miss Halloween. Born in Peoria Il Bridget started her print and runway modeling career noticed as a Brigitte Bardot look alike

walking runways for Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Sui and Kim Gordon as well as having numerous pictorials in high fashion publications and feature3d as an Inked Girl in Inked Magazine.Discovered at 19 on Hollywood Blvd Nine did her first Independent film. After a small stay at the Playboy mansion Nine moved to New York where she had many lead roles in Indie films such as WITHINT, The Raven, The Rabbit Guerrilla,and 008-74-2292 as well as a cameo in Lenny Kraviitz Fly Away music video. Nine was a noted socialite in the NY punk rock scene and has written three punk rock albums as well as written and done vocals for numerous recording artists. Upon returning to the Midwest Nine starred in two more Indie films, Tattered Dream and the infamous Punk rock film "Biker Ann" of the legendary GG Allin label Black and Blue Records. Nine not only managed one of the most notorious cult punk bands The Skabs but was also the cover model for the 2013 release of the album "Halloween". Nine married to The Skabs founder Gabby Skab who is also a Producer features Nine in all of The Skabs music video's. Nine has been called a "modern day Vampira" and "Punk Rock Royalty" by River City Times as well as a "living Jayne Mansfeild" by the Peoria Times Observer. Feature articles have been written about Bridget Nine as "Miss Halloween" also known as The Girl with Razor and Halloween Horror Host of her internet dvd based show Razor Blade Apple popular for her October Eve feature "31 Days of Halloween" in which she puts out a ictorial featuring a different Halloween costume all 31 days of October that of which Guinness World Records took notice of as well as daredevil acts having jumped out of planes and performing Fire Spit acts. Nine hopes to do a fire walk as well as tight rope.