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  1. Norman

    I need ideas or suggestions pls..

    Is it better trying to make just light greywash and some part a little bit darker that it would appear looking a little bit realistic?? I appreciate it alot that white over black would make it for sure nice but it wont last...
  2. Norman

    Grey Wash Probleme

    Buy a finished greywash product...
  3. It depends on how you work with your machine... You cannot compare an orange to a human flesh..and every human beings have different kind of skins... Try to read a little bit bout anatomy f
  4. Just trust your tattoo artist.. He for sure knows what he's about to do.. As i can see, its not yet finished...every tattoo artist have its own style..
  5. I need any ideas guys.. I am tattooing for almost 6 months and all my works are working well... Normally im creative repairing tattoos, but this one is for me a no go... I want to help my friend out of it but i dont know how should i fix this one.. She wants to have this broken clock tattoo but it seems that a new bee wanted to impress her and now its looking shit.any ideas how should i make this tattoo nice... Im already thinking to shade it very light but i dont know if its the best solution to make it nicer..tnx..