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  1. KerryBerryArt

    Madhatter's Black Book?

    That Black Book is amazing! Thanks for sharing such information, talent, tips and wisdom. There's still folks like me that value it years later
  2. KerryBerryArt

    Hey Everyone!

    If I was wearing a hat, I'd tip it as a hello. And probably run away into the forest like the Irish imp I am. 😂
  3. KerryBerryArt

    Looking for new tattoo machine

    Definitely get that! Sanitation is key imo.
  4. KerryBerryArt

    Hey Everyone!

    Hi everyone, Passionate, hardworking newbie here! Just wanted to introduce myself before soaking up any wisdom you have here. My name is Kerry and I'm an Irish beginner apprentice. Looking forward to joining the community here and learning a lot in RL & online through you folk! Have an awesome week and chat soon
  5. KerryBerryArt

    Looking for new tattoo machine

    Wow, this guy. Don't know how you all managed to be so helpful with his attitude! Yous are great!