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  1. https://www.instagram.com/xcjxtattooer/?hl=en Basically all of this artist's shading is done in a very fine almost misty pointillism effect. Some of it looks like the regular poke dot dot dot type pointillism but some are way finer and detailed than what you can do with a single poke.
  2. Still can't wrap my head completely around this concept. So I know that a longer stroke means a slower oscillation speed, which should mean less force on the needle when it contacts the skin. BUT if a machine has a longer stroke wouldn't it actually have more power because there is a longer distance for it to travel to the coils. It's like a slingshot, the longer you pull the sling back the more power it generates. Is the concept not the same for a coil machine? The further the bar has to travel to the coils, the longer it is in the contact with the downward pull force of the coils, so shouldn't it have more velocity/force by the time it reaches the contact point? The oscillation speed is only slower because the distance traveled is greater, but the velocity at the contact point should be higher right? that's just how i'm thinking of it. Assuming all other things equal, if you increased the stroke length by whatever means, like using a softer and longer front spring, or just increasing the distance between the contact screw and front springs, how would that affect the actual force/velocity of the needle when it reaches the contact point?