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  1. Wow, thank you so much, Kostas Pangeas! That's by far the most helpful information I've received even after scouring the internet for advice. I'll be sure to pass this info along to my artist and if he can't make any of the changes you suggested, I'll be taking my business elsewhere. Many, many thanks!!!
  2. That photo was taken before it faded out again. Do you recommend a dark outline to make it stay, then? None of the colors have held up much since a few days after that photo was taken, so I fear the outline would fade out too, just like the pink and green have. I'm trying to figure out how to make this tattoo work as there's still noticeable ink on my ear, but it's a bit blurry and pretty faded so it kind of looks like smudges of color. I know now that this tattoo could be considered a mistake, but what's done is done and I'm trying to figure out what to do about it from here. As an artist, what would you recommend if I was a client of yours?
  3. Yeah, I really like how the tattoo looks in that photo, but that lasted less than a week before it faded almost entirely. Like I said, I would post an "after" photo, but for some reason none of the photos I took of it fits the file size requirement.
  4. I received my first tattoo after much thought and consideration on August 3rd. It's on the helix of my left ear and is a light green vine with pink flowers on it. Even though I followed aftercare instructions to the letter, it scabbed up, flaked off, and faded all within about a three-day period. The artist used a machine and rumor has it a helix tattoo has to be hand-done for it to stay? Is this true? I went in for a touch-up two weeks after the initial tattooing and had a similar experience; the tattoo was well-defined and beautiful for the first few days and now (two weeks later) it is mostly faded again. I scheduled another touch-up for this Thursday and the artist suggested using a purple instead of pink for the flowers, but I really want the tattoo in the color he used before, and it's worth noting that the green faded just as much as the pink did. I plan on suggesting he use the same colors, but go deeper, but will that be enough? I was in love with the tattoo after the first touch-up, and I just want it to stay. Is this a doomed area for a tattoo? Does anyone have advice on getting a helix tattoo to stay? Shown below is how it looked right after that touch-up. I would post an "after" but the file is too large :(.