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  1. Kostas Pangeas

    Helix Tattoo Fades Within Days?

    3 thing could have gone wrong 1.he didnt go deep enough (most likely senario),if he did every color and the tattoo as a whole should flake in a uniform manner but later on stay,now this area of the body is not like the skin in your back for example that has fat deposited under the dermis layer nor it has the same sensation and feedback for the tattoo artist so maybe he misjudged the depth. 2.the ink brand he is using is just not for you or is simply not good ,try again only with a different brand,with undiluted tattoo ink.,and also since you said the tattoo lookes blurred tell him also to use 08 bugpin needles i would use a 3round liner 08bugpin for this one. 3.maybe he is using a different brand of green soap in his soap solution , ask him if he is using cosco green soap and if he is not tell him to only use distilled water and a paper towel next time . P.s. dont expect the white to stick for too long except you find an artist that has great experience with white ink and has done it many times. Also consider not using black but a very very deep purple color as outline Ps 2,most likely he/she wont have a different ink brand in his/her shop and overall i would suggest having it retouched at a different artist that will guarantee you the results beforehand
  2. Kostas Pangeas

    HD Stencils

    Print it full detail exactly how you like ,set the density a little lower so that less stencil paint gets on the skin so that you dont wipe too much excess away , also immediately after stencil application take a hand fan and push air to the stencil so that it locks as much paint as possible asap,keep in mind that the amps of electricity your power supply gives to the brother printer affects the heat output ,and in result the amount of paint transfered to the skin ,2-4amps is ideal
  3. Hello guys , i wanted your insight for my first app on android playstore , here is the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inknangels.TatAngel Is an app to quickly showcase to your clients how a text tattoo would resemble without having to be near a pc and opening a bunch of editing programs . i would appreciate it if you could try it out and tell me : 1.would you consider this an useful app ? 2.how much money would you pay for it ? 3.what do you think is missing from this app ? thanks