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  1. Rob “Elton” Jacobs

    Proper Introduction

    It’s nice to meet mac! It really is a shame that so many people have lost interest in regular forums. I guess it’s safe to say that if it doesn’t come with an app you can download on your phone, than it’s probably not that popular ahahaha I’m just finding out now that this forum seems to be a lot more focused on beginning artist. Personally, I was more interested in meeting more people within the industry. Expanding horizons, and talking about different techniques and methods. You know what I mean? Now that I’ve gotten a chance to go through some of these other forums, I might have my apprentice check it out a little bit tomorrow during any down time he might have. This kid has such a good grip on the basic art foundations, at this point it’s just teaching him the new medium and teaching him how to do it safely, and understand what it is that keeps the shop standing tall
  2. Rob “Elton” Jacobs

    Skin markers throw em away?

    Amen! I would much rather be looked at as an artist that takes extra steps to confirm safety, than an artist that has developed dirty tattoo habits
  3. Rob “Elton” Jacobs

    Skin markers throw em away?

    Honestly I’ve always been very up in the air on this, myself. What I was saying before is pretty much what I’ve been told by other artists, but personally I try to be as in point as possible when it comes to cross contamination and generally being clean within the studio. I don’t do a whole lot of free hand work anyway, but the markers I use when I do free hand are generally pretty cheap markers and I’m not THAT much of a penny pincher. I mean for real, those markers are like 75cents a pop lol
  4. Rob “Elton” Jacobs

    Original flash

    It’s cool to draw something up from your own head, but when it all boils down to it references are key. Just remember that there is a difference between referencing someone else’s work, and straight up copying them. Dont use just one or two references when you draw up your own flash. More times than not, you will find yourself just re-drawing what someone else has already drawn. I guess my advice would be to pick out no less than 3-5 references and use them to piece together your own original flash.
  5. Rob “Elton” Jacobs

    Proper Introduction

    There are currently 201 licensed tattoo artist in the state of Maine, and I am one of them. I was never much for forums, but scrolling through the Facebook news feed can get a bit repetitive at times (I’m assuming you all can relate to some extent). Now I’ve been going through a few of the forums on this site, and a lot of them seem to be quite out dated. Posts from 3 years, 5 years, and even 10 years ago. So yes, the primary purpose for this post is to meet other artist to talk to and do the whole forum thing, but I also want to see how many people actually actively use this website. (Lord knows I don’t want to sit around on a forum just to talk to myself)
  6. Rob “Elton” Jacobs

    Tattoo critique

    Good design, I like it. A couple things I would have done differently would be regarding the bannner/text. So given the placement (looks like it was done on their forearm), I would have had the banner going horizontally instead of vertically. It would have flowed better with that part of the body. Other than that, the only other thing I wanna point out is the size of the text. When doing a tattoo, you gotta consider what the tattoo is going to look like years down the road. More often than not, if you go too small with the text in a tattoo you won’t be able to read it 5-10 years later. Those lines won’t stay sharp forever, you gotta keep that in mind when you tattoo words on somebody
  7. Rob “Elton” Jacobs

    Needle Selection

    When I set up for doing a tattoo, I have a pretty regular needle selection that I use (depending on what I’m doing for a piece, of course). What I’m curious about is what everyone else’s typical selection of needles look like when you set up your station. This is what I usually pull out for needles; 5 or 7 round liner (tight) 14 round shader 17 mag (bug pin) 11 or 13 mag (standard)
  8. Rob “Elton” Jacobs

    Water Color

    I’ve been working more on expanding my horizons a little bit when it comes to different tattoo styles. This isn’t my first time working with water color textures, but I still consider it to be fairly out of my comfort zone. Let me know what you think, and what you would have done differently https://m.facebook.com/?_rdr#!/photo.php?fbid=10155895863881242&id=520661241&set=a.436223291241&source=48
  9. Rob “Elton” Jacobs

    Skin markers throw em away?

    I was always told that you can use skin markers multiple times, as long as the skin you are drawing on has not yet been broken. If you draw on the skin with marker, and the skin has already been broken, then you have to throw the marker away afterwards.