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  1. So I went to a dermatologist, and it wasn't helpful. He seemed like he was in a rush and said it could be an allergy, then prescribed me a steroid cream which only made the redness worse. I contacted the tattoo shop and they said they used the same grey ink as in other tattoos I've gotten there, where I had no problem with healing. This makes it seem unlikely to me this is an ink allergy. I'm going to another dermatologist on Monday and hope to get an anti-biotic in case this is an infection under the skin.. Still I think it's surprising how I can't find anyone who has had a similar reaction after getting a tattoo. Driving me crazy trying to figure out what's wrong with my skin.
  2. I wasn't expecting a doctor to respond, just wanted to see if anyone here has experienced anything similar.
  3. The location is right near my wrist. All I got there was minor grey shading, which wasn't dark enough the first time so I got it redone a month later. You can see the barrier between the red swollen area and my natural skin. This is honestly driving me crazy. The swelling fluctuates throughout the day and I can feel it while moving my wrist. When it's inflamed it gets red as well. I don't understand what's going on, I just got very minor grey shading in that area and I've never had a problem with other tattoos healing. There's barely any ink there.. the redness from the swelling totally eclipses whatever shading is there, if any. I'm making an appointment with a dermatologist but I'm worried they won't have any idea what's going on either since it doesn't seem to be a common reaction.