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  1. I'm a little unsettled you feel the lines on the bottom look the same. The tattoo reference photo has lines that come down in rectangular patterns from the hexagons and then branch into triangular lines. The ones on me dip in and out in round patterns that resemble jellyfish. The reference photo was technology inspired; the lines coming from my hexagons look like melted cheese being pulled apart pulled from semi circles that dip up into the hexagon shapes. I wanted less lines but he basically freehanded some crazy lines in sharpie and did not ask me first if I was okay having them tattooed that day. Sometimes I think artists are so uninvested and feel that if a client wants something specific, that they're unreasonable. I legitimately feel like its rare that artists care what they put on someone permanently and seek to make it perfect. Every artist in my life I've been to seem to want some $$ and to tattoo whatever is halfway decent. I was hoping this would be my piece that someone was excited to work on me with. I dropped $700 on this so far - I tip well, and it's sad that a few artists I've talked to see the issue and the majority of them say "they see nothing wrong with it." It's a shame.
  2. The tattoo after today's session: (Again, I have respect for the beautiful line work of the geometric shapes)
  3. I found the most amazing tattoo piece I've seen online and waited a year before I decided to jump the gun and get a piece! I found an artist who specialized in geometric shapes and his line work was so beautiful - I reached out to him and clarified that he was comfortable doing the work. Then I dropped a deposit and patiently waited my appointment. A week before the appointment, I sent pictures and clarified that I would not wish to COPY the tattoo, but to strongly stick with the reference photo and then add my own flare via a circuit board on my forearm that connected to the overall piece, and perhaps remove some of the hexagons from the sides. I also stated that I knew we may have to alter it for my anatomy and that I was totally cool if it wasn't exactly the same. So my appointment rolls around - my adrenaline is pumping and I'm nervous. I have other pieces but nothing so big. The artist stenciled hexagons onto me; we agreed upon their placement, though different from the placement in the photo. The most important part of the piece to me were the lines coming down from the hexagons. They are reminiscent of a "glitch" and were the inspiration for the tattoo in the first place. We decided we would not ink the lines this session, and he mimicked some lines on me for the time being to let me see how it may look. Or I thought..... He tattooed the lines on. I thought we were starting with hexagons on the lower portion and my arm was out of sight. I thought nothing of it. As I peeked over 30 minutes later, the hexagons at the top of my arm came into view and the lines were crisp and gorgeous. I was happy! Until I compared my arm to the original photo I had given for reference. I think I chose the right artist for amazing linework for shapes. I think I MAY have chosen the wrong artist for the design I had anticipated... Ink Trails - please give me your honest thoughts. Is this fixable? What are your opinions on what could be done to get this closer to the original idea? Again, I had no intentions of copying the original design line by line. It has plans to lead into a circuit board and the entire backside is different as well as placement. I'm super upset and would love input from anyone and honest thoughts. Can this be saved/filled in/covered on the bottom portion to be an amazing piece?
  4. hannahpandaa

    ARTISTS: How much would YOU charge and why?

    Yeah it probably also would differ on how many breaks you need to take if you're a smoker, how much you wiggle, ect. I am certainly all for the belief that good work does not come at a bargain price - if you want something on your body that is both art and permanent, you should be willing to cash out a hefty tip for the time and expertise, as well as the cost of the tattoo. I HAVE been charged an excess amount for simple tattoos that were done badly before I knew better. Simple + and - sign and they were blown out and not crisp at all. $60 a pop for each. The guy obviously knew I had no idea what tattoos cost and stated he had just gotten out of prison and joined the shop a few weeks before. I do think it's okay to ask several artists what THEY would charge, but not to insist that the art is not worth their asking price. Every artist has their right to charge what they feel their art is worth, and shopping around for a bargain is going to give you a bargain design. I like to educate people about that because I hear so many people bitching about the cost of their tattoos and how Joe down the street 'only charged $100'. And the lines aren't crisp, some even crooked, and it's clear Joe rushed through that tattoo to pump out as many through the day that he could. I'm rambling now, though. Just wanted to explain that I do find that you can shop prices just a little but it all depends on the quality of the work and experience, and that popular artists charge accordingly for a reason.
  5. hannahpandaa

    ARTISTS: How much would YOU charge and why?

    Yikes @adm... the salt is real :S Judging from your profile, you partake in the forums just to belittle and talk down to others. That's a really sad life. I'm sorry. You look a little stupid assuming someone's intentions because they're new to forums. This photo was regarding a friend stating that something like this is 'so simple, why is it so expensive?" We placed a bet that I could find artists to back up that this is costly due to the coverage/line work. Not that I owe you an explanation, just wanted to show how legitimately bitter and presumptuous you come across. Good day, sir.
  6. How much would YOU charge for this piece? Please explain why! Doing this poll to gather opinions about general pricing in the community and to explain why simple art can sometimes take lots of time/money!