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  1. Luna

    Digital tattoo design

    Just do it on paper mate. If you can't do smooth gradients with a pencil or paintbrush you're never gonna be able to do them with a machine.
  2. Luna

    Little lost

    Sorry, are you tattooing or building a portfolio to look for an apprenticeship? If you're tattooing, ask the people you're apprenticing under. If you're not apprenticing, proceed to step 2: If you're building a portfolio: just study your tattoo history, keep producing high quality art in styles and mediums you know you excel at, as well as trying to emulate other styles you like (without ever directly copying or tracing a reference) Good luck buddy
  3. Luna

    Calligraphy tattoo in London

    If by calligraphy you mean script.. Wait for the convention and go get something from Norm or BJ. Best in the world.
  4. Text won't cover up a scar. Also, scar tissue is a bit temperamental to tattoo over, so something organic like florals would work better. Or even more of a cursive style text could be better, if that's what you're really set on. With this blocky text any irregularity will be super noticable. This is really a conversation you should be having face-to-face with your artist. They should be able to tell from looking at your scar tissue what will and won't work.
  5. Luna

    How much do Apprenticeships usually cost?

    I'm also from the South East of England and am very curious.. Make sure that if you're paying a few grand you get a contract drawn up of what you get for that money. How long the apprenticeship will be, how many hours a week etc. I've heard a few horror stories of people paying cash upfront for apprenticeships then getting fired after a few months! £2.5k is certainly a bargain compared to most other skilled trade qualifications, but do make sure you protect yourself.
  6. Luna

    Tattoo healing; lines change?

    The halo is from going too deep. The skin trauma is from running the machine too high and/or going over the same areas too many times. As the commenter above says, it was just hit too hard.
  7. Luna

    Tattoo healing; lines change?

    SecondSkin/Ultraderm is great stuff. Your skin looks pretty chewed up in the 'freshly made' picture, so I think it's probably just gonna take a bit longer than usual for this tattoo to heal and settle in. Ask your artist for a touch-up session in a month or so to fix any dropouts, but that halo is there to stay I'm afraid.
  8. Luna

    Communication with Artist and Client.

    If the artist has told you that you will see the design the day before the session, then that's when you'll see the design. Every artist has a different process, but very few have time to go back and forth with each client regarding their design. Just wait until it's ready. Your artist should be able to make any changes needed before the tattoo.
  9. Luna

    Alternative to green soap

    I know Dr Bronners (the 'baby mild' unscented liquid soap) is popular with vegan artists, and you can find that in pretty much any health food store worldwide. Don't know if it's any cheaper/safer/ better than regular green soap from your local tattoo supply shop though..
  10. Luna

    How much do Apprenticeships usually cost?

    Depends where you're based. Charging for an apprenticeship could be seen as a red flag in the UK, but I hear it's commonplace in the USA. If the shop and artist have a good reputation, and the previous apprenctice(s) are skilled and successful, then it sounds like a great opportunity. Good luck!
  11. Luna

    What is your experience?

    Is it normal to be allowed to start tattooing after only 4 months? No its not, you're super lucky and you should be super grateful. Most apprentices have to wait a year or more. Is it normal to be paid during your apprenticeship? No its not, you're super lucky and should be super grateful. Most apprentices live without wages for two years or more. Yes its normal to be working hard, both during shop hours and at home, it's normal for your boss to keep any money made from your tattoos, it's normal for you to be drawing up stencils for your boss.. Everything you're complaining about is a huge privililege, especially so early into your apprenticeship. If you don't like it, leave, there are a lot of aspiring apprentices who'd take your place in a second.