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  1. Hey All, If you were getting a custom piece (half sleeve) done, wouldn't you want to collaborate with the artist and get feedback via email or phone? Reason I ask is because I'm getting a piece done in a few days and the artist isn't giving me much feedback. In email, I have expressed things I want in the piece and not sure how to make it flow so I wanted suggestions from the artist but heard nothing back. After a week, I would send another email to see if I should just send images over and the person said "sure, send over what you like." That's all that was said in the email. At this point, I'm getting a little worried and not sure what to do. I paid the security deposit and supposed to get a proof of the tattoo the day before the session. Is it normal to have this kind of minimal interaction with the person that is supposed to be tattooing me? I've asked questions regarding my tattoo design and not once has he spoken about it to me once. Our first interaction began May 14, 2018. I would like to get feedback from artists and others on this.