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  1. Anywhere, but ideally the united states, i live in new york if that helps. Earlier i went on yelp and just went through multiple shops and found some portfolios that i liked, which is nice because i think thats the way to find artists. First tattoo btw.
  2. looking to get a colored tattoo which is a phoenix in these types of styles..https://imgur.com/DUECRrx Love the way this looks, want an artist to make something in this style.https://imgur.com/a/w2lpCJU Love the colors used in this emailed some artists, unfortunately some didn't do this type of design in color as well as the size i want it done, a half sleeve to about a 3/4 sleeve. The only studio was Chronic ink tattoos and Yomico from last rites (i think, didn't get a full response yet) I am also curious to see this kind of work on an artist that charges maybe in the 100-200 range, just to compare vs the "More costly" artists. (color realism tradition styles) Though my goal of this post is to just find the perfect artist any where in the world right now, prices aside.But Ideally anywhere in the United states or maybe in the world if you truly believe an artist fits my styles so well that it's worth traveling.(Any price range, It doesn't matter)