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    How to: perfect lines in one go?

    Oh thank you! I hope in time it will get better for me as well BTW I am sorry to ask but english is not my mother tongue and I am still not used to the slang.. what exactly do you mean by "off the tube"?
  2. Hello! I was wondering, how do you make the ink catch so perfectly in one go as in this video? When I tattoo, even when I go really slow and deep enough, I have to go over the line several times to make it this pretty... why? what am I doing wrong? Thank you!
  3. Adela

    Hello there!

    Hi My name is Adela and I am working hard to learn how to tattoo. I have done a bzillion pieces on bananas and oranges and pig skin and a few on myself and some of my friends. I am slowly getting into and I really really love it! I love creating designs and seeing happy faces when I'm done. I hope this forum will help me get better and get feedback and I hope you all will welcome me warmly Cheers!