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  1. Hey guys, I am travelling from Canada next month to finish my sleeve in Spain with a professional artist. I have 3 sessions booked over 4 days to finish the outside of my sleeve ( inside forearm and bicep is done already ). I do not know what i want to get tattoo'd and I want to give the artist lots of artistic freedom and come up with a unique design together. They want to do the consultation and planning of the sleeve the morning of my first tattoo session. I am kind of nervous planning a whole sleeve the morning of and don't want it to be rushed. I asked if we could set up a consultation a couple days prior to the appointment as I am in Spain for a week before the tattoo and they kind of brushed me off saying this is what they do. Now I have a question for you experienced guys... Do I email once more saying how I would feel much more comfortable having a consult and talking about the tattoo sleeve ideas a couple days before first tattoo session and offer to pay for this consultation. Or, do I just show up morning of first day and fucking go with the flow and hope he has some ideas I love? Cheers!