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    Looking for new tattoo machine

    Ok I got certified for the Bloodborne pathogens... What is the next step? I started to build a portfolio... Also gunna start making Flash sheets with small tattoos I can do for free or cheap... To get started... I've already worked on my entire left arm, both my calves and my right thigh... Now starting to feel more comfortable moving to friends and family... Cheers
  2. Psychopomp

    Looking for new tattoo machine

    The point to sharing your knowledge is so others can benefit and grow from your experiences... Judging by my attitude(which you are picking up on through a screen, congrats!) I seem to know it all already""... What does one have to do with the other???? I obviously don't know anything if I keep asking questions... And my "attitude" is just to amuse myself... And to find out if you have thin skin... xD XD But real talk, I love you all... Thanks for tips brah Keep coming back, it works
  3. Psychopomp

    Looking for new tattoo machine

    what was the point of that? if you dont have any knowledge to share... Shhhhhhh
  4. Psychopomp

    Looking for new tattoo machine

    Thanks again for the feed back... This has been very informative. I will find a blood born pathogens/cross contamination prevention course And I will start to work on 10-15 fully finished drawings for my portfolio. Now I had a couple more questions regarding the work I have done on my self... In a select few places (mainly wrist area and top of hand) the ink is raised/bumpy... Why does this happen and how can I make sure it doesn't happen again? Secondly I am having lots of trouble getting the ink to stay in my palm/fingers... some areas I blow out... And some areas the ink doesn't stay at all... Any tips for palm/finger area? Next time I go over it... I will try going slower and on more of an angle... Mmmmm... also when working with white ink... Does one have to rinse after everytime the needle goes in the skin... Cause I found if I don't, then white gets all pink-ish from my blood... Any tips on using white ink would be greatly appreciated... I would like to highlight some teeth and what not on my sleeve. Cheers
  5. Psychopomp

    Looking for new tattoo machine

    Thanks for the replies... I did not have the opportunity to get an apprenticeship... So got a machine and practiced on myself( I don't see the harm in this).. What is the beef with "scratchers/kitchen magicians"? Now I have the time and money to start looking for an apprenticeship... Could any give any advice on how I can go about this... From what I understand... You just go from shop to shop... With some of the sketches you have and see if someone wants to teach you... And you get no money for your time there... Cheers
  6. Psychopomp

    Looking for new tattoo machine

    hmmm shit people on shit community? is there a tattoo forum that actually gives advice? or just douche comments all around
  7. Been tattooing for a couple years with the stealth rotary 3.0 from world wide tattoo supply... I'm looking to upgrade... Maybe a coil or pen machine so I can try something new... Budget of 500$ plus Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Ps I live in Canada Can see some of the work I've done on Instagram @thepsychopomp Cheers