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  1. Found one more great example, ROXX based in LA https://2spirittattoo.com/roxx/ Does it ring any bells?
  2. Hes Toronto based, shoud have been in Amsterdam sometime as i'll be there, his name is sarbtattoo on instagram. Thank you for the suggestion! Also, my other option is gakkinx im still waiting for his first reply.. so im searching for more options!
  3. I wouldnt be so sure about that, this photo that ive attached above is from a guy who mostly does blackouts with some geometry. Also, TRIBAL artists do a lot of black filling and geometry so that kind of artists would also be up for the challenge. So anyone knows a good tribal artist in amsterdam?
  4. Haha well since I've got a second grade tattoo once you can bet im not doing it again! Lesson learned
  5. Well im looking for someone who SPECIALISES in that area since that kind of artists, believe it or not, exists. I dont want second grade tattoo.
  6. Hi! Im looking for an artist in Amsterdam who specialises in full black tattoos, blackouts, and does cover ups. I'll put example below! Any recommendations? Thank you!