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    Need help finding this tattoo

    Mark! I found something that is almost an exact fit to the profile! The tail is a little off, but it's possible that the artist changed it up a bit. The kids are really happy with it and that's what matters! I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my message.
  2. skullsnbows

    Need help finding this tattoo

    Hi Mark! Thanks very much for the help. I have searched google images until I made myself nauseous. It wasn't like any that I found. Like, it wasn't super muscled up. I don't recall a whole lot of detail. I know it's an awful picture but the pose is like when a cat is sneaking up on a bird.
  3. Hello:) I am on a wild goose chase for my children and am in hopes that maybe someone could help me out. My ex-husband (their dad) passed away suddenly early this week. They want to get a memorial tattoo like the one he had on his arm. Trouble is, it's really faded out. It looks similar to the panther in the picture attached, which I know is terrible, but his was worse. We have no photos of it new. I was with him when he got it, which was around 1998, and he picked it off the wall. Does anybody have even the slightest idea where I might look to try and find a better version of this tattoo? They are going to get a modified version that will hopefully stand up to time a little better but they want it to be as close as possible. I would really appreciate any help you could give me. It was very traumatic for them and I just want to help them heal. Thanks, Sheek