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  1. Sabresfan85

    Tattoo moisturizer

    I was looking more for a good moisturizer to keep the skin healthy. Maybe I will stick with just using hustle butter on a daily base. I won’t waste my money on the other stuff
  2. Sabresfan85

    Tattoo moisturizer

    Anyone have experience using these or similar products ? Do they really work at bringing out the color or keeping it from fading ?
  3. Sabresfan85

    New tattoo

    So I went to a shop and had a tattoo re touched up. But had to stop half way through it, because I started bleeding. The artist said to come back and he would finish everything and touch up spots that needed it. Was wondering if I should ask him about doing another tattoo in the same area ? was thinking if he finished the touch up he could do the other one, that way they could both heal at the same time. Should I wait to ask about the new tattoo ? or would it be OK to do it with the touch up ?