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  1. Sabresfan85

    Clear sunscreen ?

    Is there such a thing as clear sunscreen ? all the ones I have used have the white residue that makes the tattoo dull. Was wondering if there was one that went on clear that did affect the tattoo color.
  2. Sabresfan85

    Tattoo moisturizer

    I was looking more for a good moisturizer to keep the skin healthy. Maybe I will stick with just using hustle butter on a daily base. I won’t waste my money on the other stuff
  3. Sabresfan85

    Tattoo moisturizer

    Anyone have experience using these or similar products ? Do they really work at bringing out the color or keeping it from fading ?
  4. Sabresfan85

    New tattoo

    So I went to a shop and had a tattoo re touched up. But had to stop half way through it, because I started bleeding. The artist said to come back and he would finish everything and touch up spots that needed it. Was wondering if I should ask him about doing another tattoo in the same area ? was thinking if he finished the touch up he could do the other one, that way they could both heal at the same time. Should I wait to ask about the new tattoo ? or would it be OK to do it with the touch up ?