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  1. L-Dub perez

    Tattoo healing process

    It is day 8 for my tattoo. Why does my skin look shiny and scaly? Is this normal? Thanks ! p.s- I put lotion on a while ago before I took the pic. https://imgur.com/a/JGBDk
  2. L-Dub perez

    Healing process question

    Well its a black inked palm tree tattoo. About 3 inches tall and wide (the tree branches make it wide)
  3. Its day 5 for my new tattoo on my lower arm and the peeling process has not started. Should I be concerned? I washed it 4 times a day for the 1st 3 days. Could it be the aquaphor thats slowing it down? I try to use really thin layers after I wash my tattoos dry . Should I just move on to a lubriderm lotion at this point? Thanks !