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  1. mrshoe88

    New tattoo problem

    I did go to a studio where shes works, but I guess shes less experienced than I thought. But it's still my fault for not researching a good artist.
  2. mrshoe88

    New tattoo problem

    Disappointing to have that confirmed. When she started the machine she said she doesn't like that needle cuz there's no telling how fast it's going so now I'm extremely disappointed. I know it can be fixed but it just discourages me from going somewhere else again completely.
  3. mrshoe88

    New tattoo problem

    And this is how it looked right after I removed my jacket and saw the damage. FYI I was washing the tattoo normal and using Ora's salve with very light coating daily until this happened. Now I've only been washing it and have lightly taped gauze over just the damaged area as the rest of the tattoo is in fine shape and has no damage or redness.
  4. mrshoe88

    New tattoo problem

    Hello, I got a new tattoo on the 3rd of this month. Everything seemed to be going fine with it, then about the 6th-7th day of healing one of the larger bulbous scabs on the tattoo got pulled off by yours truly because I'm an idiot and forgot to bandage it while I put my jacket on. Even worse I didn't notice this until the end of the night, so the opening of that scab probably got dirt or something else in it. I'm going to attach a few pictures showing the two stages it went through. Currently in the stage that's shown in the close up picture. The damage is still leaking a bit here and there and appears yellowish on a small area. There's redness but very little encircling the damage. My main concern is if this is going to spread or if it's an infection and I should go back to the parlor or go to urgent care and have it looked out. I'm also worried it won't be easy for the artist to go back over it and make it look better in the end. It is a very small part of the tattoo but since the scab has started it seems to affected the area enough to cause skin tearing. Also worrying that the ink will bleed or spread and make the tattoo look blotchy, is that a thing? This is only my second tattoo and the last one I got about 11 years ago had no problems that I can remember, although that one was on my left shoulder, and this new one is on the underside of my right forearm. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated. If more pictures are necessary please anyone let me know. I'm worried more about the appearance of the tattoo currently than an infection as I have no symptoms of anything very bad that can happen. Just tenderness and the circling of red around the damage. Thanks in advance for any help to anyone who gives it.