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  1. Tattooboi

    Tattoo question

    Yeah I went to the doctor for the infection. But I got the other side done and it didnt get infected but its fading more than the infected side did
  2. Tattooboi

    Tattoo question

    Was wondering if it is the tattoo artist not doing well or if it is just my arm that can't take the ink. It just hasn't set and looks just like that removal pic
  3. Tattooboi

    Tattoo question

    No I just got the piece done and this is what it looks like. This is the closest thing I couod find to what it looks like now and the website wouldn't let me attatch a picture of my arm that I took.
  4. Tattooboi

    Tattoo question

    its basically this but its been maybe a week at most
  5. Tattooboi

    Tattoo question

    I've tried to upload a photo but it keeps saying the file is too large. And just from a shop and guy that was reconmended to me.
  6. Tattooboi

    Tattoo question

    OK so I got a tattoo a little while ago. My first one got infected so I was unable to watch the healing process and how the color set. I finished the other side of my arm with the continuation of the sleeve. My problem is that a good portion of the black healed skin tone. It looks like I drew it on with sharpie and its washing off. Is this a neglect on the artists part, a healing problems, or just my skin not taking the color?